Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


23. Magic

What to do? What to do? The first thing I did was run up to my room and grabbed my iPod and turned on the wifi. About a hundred messages from Madison popped up again. Before doing anything else, I quickly read through her messages and replied. 

Mads: OMG! Fuck you!

Em: Sure... When? (;

Mads: Em!

Mads: Right here, right now. (;

Em: Ok! Let's go!


Mads: Agreed. haha. How has it been going? 

Em: It's alright. They got me some gifts today...

Mads: Oooohh! Spill!

Em: Well, they got me a varisty jacket with an E on it. And white converse. And Skull Candy Speakers. And an iPod. And a bunch of books and movies. And some other random stuff.

Mads: OMFG! 

Em: That's not all...

Mads: Hold on, babe. Tell me in a sec. Mom is calling me down for dinner. Be back in an hour tops!

I got off the bed and powered on the iPod they got me. I was not surprised to find it fully charged and there was a screensaver of a picture of them (go figures... because I don't see enough of them already!). I clicked on the music app to find over 2,000 songs on it. Of course the was all of the One Direction songs but there was also all of Avril Lavigne's songs. And a bunch of other artists and random songs. God who needs that much music? It's cool though... I'm not complaining. I love music, all I am saying is they are literally treating me like their five year old sister who needs to be protected and assisted and can't do anything for herself and depends on them for everything. Which sucks because I kind of have to rely on them for everything. I mean EVERYTHING. They get me everything I need and do everything for me. Maybe I need to lash out more... Because I don't want them thinking they have me completely in their command. I'll come up with a plan for that later. I have all day and night to plan so imma use it.  

I pick a random song and plug the iPod into the speakers and start to blare it. I missed doing this in my room and dancing horribly and singing horribly and goofing off.  I sigh. I miss home and my friends and family. I miss my mom and I miss my dad and even though I have been talking to her, I miss Madison. I have to get out of here. I can't stay kidnapped forever. I unlock my iPod and text Madison. 

Em: Mads... You might not hear from me for a while, I am running away. I am going to come home. Even though it isn't that bad here, I need out. I miss you too much to handle. And I miss my mom and my dad and my life. I have to go home. I will text you again when I can. I love you babe... Talk to you soon. 

"Hopefully..." I added under my breath. After sending the message, I hop off the bed and walk downstairs. I'm not hungry, so I might as well go to put as much time and distance as I can between me and here. I gulp as I walk up to the front door. I slowly undo the locks, not sure what to expect. They slide unlocked with ease. I twist the knob and brace myself for the worst . But no sirens blare and the door pops open. I want to laugh and cry and run and jump for joy when I take my first step outside in almost a month. But I don't. I just close the door behind me and start to walk down the street. Away from everything I have come to know for the past month. There is no going back now, I will either end up at home or back with them for the rest of my life. I hope it is the earlier. If they find me and make me go back, they will not trust me again for a long time and I probably ever have a chance to escape again. 


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