Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


5. Heart Attack

Holy shit! I wonder if we are still in California? We have to be right? I wasn't out long enough to go anywhere too far. I wasn't out that long plus I would have no hopes of getting home if we were no longer in California because I only have my ipod. No money, no clothes, no phone, no anything. I grunted. I am quickly getting irritated. I mean, what the hell? You kidnap a girl, tie her up, and then don't check on her? Seriously! The nerve of these assholes! If, no WHEN, I get home, I am not running ever again. I am going to spend all my time inside, safely on the internet in the confines of my room. Maybe I can talk my mom into homeschooling me because I don't want to leave the house after this incident. They must have come in when I was having a rant because someone cleared their throat and when I looked up, all five of the idiots were there. I glared at them. And the fucking idiots just stood there and looked at me. Like I was some exhibit at the fucking zoo. "Are you going to untie me or are you just going to stand there like fucking idiots?"  I finally asked. They all snapped to life and the five of them scrambled over to me, working together to untie me. When it was finally done, I sat up and rubbed my wrists. They just backed up and still didn't say anything. When I looked up at them, they were still staring at me. "Haven't you ever seen a girl before?" I asked obviously annoyed. Then I realized I was still in my sports bra and short running shorts. But still. "OK, so obviously I have to start the conversation, which is not normal and I'll have you know that I am fucking pissed so watch it." They all nodded and seemed annoyed but who the hell cares? "First of all, how long was I out?" "3 and a half days" Zayn, no Mr.my-hair-is-taller-than-I-am, told me. I gasped, holy shit! That long? So much could happen in 3 days! I gulped. They could have raped me! "Um, ok. What time is it?" I am starving. "It's 6:15" Liam, no buzz cut, told me. Haha. I nodded. "Where are we?" I asked. "We are in London, love!" Louie, no Stripes, told me. Ha, how convenient... He is wearing stripes! I got some tears in my eyes. How the hell are we in London? I have always wanted to go to London, but with someone that I love not someone who kidnapped me. "Whats wrong love?" I looked at them and wiped my eyes. "Oh nothing is wrong! I just got kidnapped but I am just dandy! I am just in a place that I have always wanted to go with someone that I loved! But don't worry about me! I am perfectly fucking fine!" It was quiet for a few minutes until Niall piped up, "But... don't you love us?" They were smiling at me but I looked at them coldly. "I loved you guys. Loved being the keyword. You guys literally saved my life. You guys gave me a reason to live. But then you kidnapped me and god knows what else. So no, I don't love you guys. Actually, I hate you guys!" It was silent. The tension was so thick in the room that you couldn't cut through it with a knife.   

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