Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


22. Dreaming

Before I open the first present all the way, I start to laugh. Because these five idiots, got me a surprise, and then wrapped it up in their own wrapping paper. With their faces plastered all over it! "You guys are such dorks!" I wheeze out. "Just open them before we have to go, princess." Niall says but they are all chuckling. There are five presents, so I open the one closest to me first. It is a... box? I look at them confused and they must have realized that I was not understanding because Zayn says, "Open the box." I finally understand so I nod. And then I open the box. Inside the box is a jacket. I pull it out and hold it up. It is a varsity jacket with a big "E" on the front. I smile really big because I have always wanted a varsity jacket. "Thanks, guys" I grin up at them. "Just wait until we leave, then you will understand even more." I raise my eyebrow but decide not to question it. Lou practically throws the next gift at me. I slowly open it because he looks like he is going to explode from excitement. It is an... iPod? "Thanks... but I already have an iPod." I say. Liam clears his throat, "We know but we figured that you wouldn't want to give us your iPod for fear of us snooping on it so we bought you an iPod that we can get you the newest music one. Like you can just ask us to get you it and we will. Or if we think you will enjoy this song or band or whatever, we can get it for you." "Oh ok, thanks" I smile again. "Look at the case!" Niall says. I turn it over and sure enough, the case is these five idiots grinning up at me. I laugh, "That's kinda creepy, to be honest guys. You got me all this One Direction stuff and now you have to see me in it all around the house and stuff. Doesn't that creep you out?" They shake their heads, "No, not really. You get used to it really. My mom has a cardboard cutout of me in my old room back home. And she goes in every night and says goodnight. It scares the shit out of me when I am home." Liam confesses. I smirk, "Language..." I scold him. He playfully shakes his head and rolls his eyes at me. But he has a smirk on his face the whole time too. "Open the next onneeee!" Lou practically shouts in my ear. "I would gladly do that Lou... Except for the fact that you are sitting on me. So I can't." "Oh. I didn't think about that." He gets off of my lap and sits down next to me. "Carry on." I shake my head and laugh. I grab the next present and start to unwrap it. It is speakers. Specifically, Skull Candy speakers. More specifically, the Skull Candy speakers I had back home. I would be weirded out but I love these speakers so I will have to let it slide. "OMG! I love these speakers!!" I squeal. They laugh at me and I hug the speakers to my chest. Zayn hands me the next one and I reluctantly put down the speakers. I open the box and am surprised to find white converse. I have been wanted a pair of these forever! I think they look so cool. The last one is a really big box. Like as big as a dresser. I pull the top off of it and peer in. There is so much stuff in there. There are a couple of pillows. There is a Stitch pillow pet from one of my favorite movies, Lilo and Stitch. There is a Woody pillow pet, from another one of my favorite movies, Toy Story. Next I pull out another box and I open it and there is a bunch of movies in it. There is Lilo and Stitch, all of the Toy Story movies, Pitch Perfect, 21 Jump Street, Abduction, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, all of the seasons of Grey's Anatomy and all of the seasons of The Office and a couple more that I have never even heard of. I put that aside and look into the box again. There is another box and there are a bunch of books in it. There is all of the books from The Mortal Instruments series, all of The Hunger Games books, and a bunch of books from Jodi Polcut. She is my favorite author. I love her writing so much! I look into the big box again and I see dolls. So naturally, I reach down to see what the hell it is. When I do see it, I roll my eyes because of course, it is the One Direction dolls. All of them. Seriously, these guys are such dorks. There was some other random stuff and then there was a note at the bottom that said, "We love you, princess." I looked up and smiled. "Thanks guys. And I got up and gave each of them a hug and a kiss of the cheek. "I started putting the stuff back in the box to take back upstairs and Zayn said, "Hurry up and we will take it upstairs for you." I can take it upstairs by myself but there was no point in arguing with him because I would never win so I just nodded. I packed it all up and they all took a box upstairs to my room. I started to follow them up to my room, when Harry shook his head at me. I don't know what that was about but whatever, I sat down on the couch and waited for them to come down. It took them like fifteen minutes but they finally came back down. "Ok, princess. We have one more surprise." I looked up at Zayn. "What do you mean?" "Just follow me." He took my hand and led me up to my room with all the guys trailing closely behind us. He opened the door to my room and stepped aside. I peered in and gasped. "You put a T.V. in my room?" I started to smile. Eventually my smile grew until it was a full on beam. "Yeah! And there is a dvd player and everything!" Niall told me excitedly. I grinned and hugged them all again. "Thanks guys. Seriously, this is awesome!" They all grinned back at me. And then Liam look at his watch, "Oh dear! We have to go!" I snickered. "Oh dear?" Everyone smirked at him. He grinned sheepishly, "yeah, when I am rushed, it just comes out." I laughed. "Ok. Well, you guys better go. You are going to be late!" They nodded and we made our way downstairs. They went to get their jackets and I grabbed Liam's keys for him. When I found them, I went to the front door where the boys were all waiting. I looked at them and smiled. Then I had to look again. They all had the same varsity jacket as me, except that it had each of the boys' initial on the from where mine had the E. "That is awesome! We are all twins!" I said. "TWINSIES!!" Lou yelled. I laughed. "Ok, you guys have to go but when will you be back?" I asked. "Well, it is four now. The interview doesn't start until six and it lasts an two hours. And then we will stop to get something to eat for us and you so we will probably be home like around nine." I nodded and handed Liam his keys. They all kissed my forehead and walked towards the door. "Be good, princess." Harry said. "No promises." I joked. We all laughed. "Are you sure you're okay to be here by yourself, with your headache?" Liam asked worriedly. I smiled. "Yes, I'll be fine, Li. Just go and do your interview and bring back some food!" He laughed. "Ok..." He kissed my forehead again and they all walked out the door. I heard "Bye Em!" from all of them before the door slammed shut and I heard about a trillion locks clicking. I turned around into the empty house. Alone at last...  

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