Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


29. Author's note!

Heyyyyyyyy! I am in an AMAZING mood today. Because my family is like SUPER close and so my cousin had her baby yesterday! Ryder Rafael Gama. And he is just the most ADORABLE thing EVER! OMGG! I love him so much and he was born yesterday! Haha. Do you guys want to see a picture of me holding him? My cousin had a crazy week; it was her birthday on Monday, she had to pack on Tuesday and Thursday, Friday is her 5 year old son's last day at school, she is moving into her new house on Saturday and then we are watching the Superbowl on Sunday. So what does she do? She goes and has a baby on Wednesday! Hahah but seriously I love him so fricken much and omg I just can't get over how much I love him and how adorable he is. Like all day, if something mad me upset, I would just think about him and a GIANT smile came on to my face. I am literally beaming just writing about it. So that is why I didn't update until this morning. I already did all my homework and now I have to go to a meeting for my little sister's softball team that I am helping coach and then I will probs update! Thanks for reading! Love you! At the end of the chapter I will post a picture!

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