Going For A Jog

Emma West is just your average 17 year old girl. She loves One Direction. She is insecure about herself. She likes doing her hair and make up. She is out jogging one day when something completely unexpected happens!


28. All of Me

 I was alone for about fifteen minutes before Liam came back up. "Emma, can you come downstairs please?" I jumped a little bit because he scared me. "Um, sure." I gulped, I don't think this is going to end well. I slowly got off the bed and made my way to the door where Liam was waiting. He motioned for me to walk in front of him. I think so that he could walk behind me and watch me. This is gonna be fun... <--- sarcasm! We got down the stairs and I looked at him because I don't know where to go. "Kitchen." I nodded and he gave me an encouraging smile. I hope that means it won't be that bad. When we get in the kitchen, everyone turns towards us and stares at me. I just look back at them and sit down at the island bar because I am not going to talk first. I just.. I feel bad, okay? After a few minutes of silence Zayn speaks up. "So... Emma." I look up at him, "um, because you ran away, we decided that you would have to be punished." I look down again. Shit. I don't trust myself to say anything so I just nod. So Zayn continues, "Um, you aren't allowed out of your room for two weeks. We will bring in food and water and stuff and you have a bathroom and shower. We will come and visit you and stuff, but the door will be locked at all times. And after the two weeks, the door will be locked at night. And for a while, you won't allowed to be alone besides in your room. When you are out of your room, you have to be with one of us." It sucks, but it could be worse. "Okay." I say quietly. It is quiet for a few minutes before Niall speaks up, "Are you hungry?" I nod my head, "I'm starving!" We all laugh and the tension in the room lessens a little bit. We order panda express for dinner this time. I had the orange chicken and chow mien, it's what I always get. I don't know what the others had, I was too hungry to notice. I guess trying to escape really works up an appetite. 

The two weeks went by fast and it has been a month since I tried (and failed) to run away. I have gotten really close with all the boys. Me and Liam have gotten pretty close. And Zayn, Harry, and Lou are like the brothers I never had. But I still like Niall, like in that way that you can't explain. But seriously, he is Niall Fucking Horan. He can have any girl he wants! He dated a model. I don't even compare, there is no way he would ever feel the same way. Whatever. I have been allowed out of my room for two weeks but I am still not allowed to be alone. It gets really irritating because they are everywhere. I go into the living room to get away from one and I'll have about a minute to myself before a different boy walks in. It is like this day and night and they still lock my door at night. I walk down the stairs into the kitchen where I knew Liam would be making lunch. 

"Leeeeyummmm?" He looks up when I walk into the room. "Yeah, love?" I have to ease my self inot this one. "Do you love me?" He looks at me strange, "Of course I do, Em. You know that." "Wellm do you wanna do me a favor?" "Sure, anything." I looks at him with my best puppy dog eyes, "Will you pretty please with a cherry on top, go out and buy me some make up?" He drops hid head back and shakes it for a minute. "Anything... Except that. You know how we feel about girls wearing make up, Em. You are so pretty. So much prettier than those girls with the make up caked on. You are naturally beautiful." "Pllleaaaasssssseeeeee Leeeeeeyyyuuummmmm!" I begged dragging it out. "No." He says stubbornly and crosses his arms over his chest. I huff as I walk out of the room. This sucks, I am tired of looking at myself in the mirror. It is a sad sight, and it makes it worse because the guys are always like your perfect, your so pretty, you don't need make up. I am tired of them lying to me, dammit! I'm going to try Zayn because he has always given me what I wanted so far, other than going home that is. I walk into his paint room where he is graffiti-ing. "Zayyyynnniiiee?" He looks up and puts down the spray paint. "What do you want?" He didn't say it in a way that was mean, he said it in a way that meant he knew I was going to ask for something that he was likely to say no to. Damn! "Do you wanna do me a favor?" He narrows his eyes. He answers carefully, "What is it?" "Will you pretty please go to the store and get me some stuff?" He looks surprised. "Um, sure. What do you want?" I am going to sneak it in there. "Will you please get me some chocolate, mascara, a new book, foundation, Grown Ups, eyeliner, Grown Ups 2, some eye shadow, and some chips for a movie night?" He looks like he is going to say yes but then he realizes what I did. "Yes. No. Yes. No way. Yes. Not gonna happen. Yes. Don't even think about it. And yes." I sigh and pout. "Pllleaaaassseeee?" Now it is his turn to sigh. "No, Em. You know how we feel about you and make up. You look like a princess with out so why cover your face in it?" He comes towards me and pulls me into a hug. "Please?" I say it quieter, hoping he'll realize how desperate I am. "I'm sorry, princess. No." Why do they have to treat me like a five year old? For God's sake, I am seventeen years old! Almost eighteen! He lets go of me, kisses my forehead, and goes back to painting. I walk out of the room and go to find Harry. I hear laughing coming from the game room and I think it's Harry so I follow the laughter. When I walk in, it is both Harry and Lou. They look up when I walk in but don't stop laughing. "Hey guys." "Hey Em!" They chime. I am going to cut to the chase. "Will one of you please go buy me some make up?" "No." They stop laughing and get serious. I sigh and walk out of the room. Niall is probably in the T.V. room. I follow the hallways and am proved right, he is in there. Eating his before lunch snack. "Hey, Ni." He looks up and smiles at me. "Hey Em!" "So....-" He cuts me off. "No."  What? I'm confused. "What?" I ask him. "The guys all already texted me and warned me about what you are asking for so I am just saying no. You are beautiful, Em. You do not need that crap covering your natural beauty. I blush, He called me beautiful. I smile. "It's okay, Ni. I understand." He looks surprised and I give him a quick hug and then run upstairs to my room. Because I don't understand, before they kidnapped me, I was allowed to wear make-up. Why can't I wear it now? Why should they even care? I mean, all of their girlfriends wear make-up! It's not fair! As I drift off to sleep, I think about how much they treat me like a five year old. 

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