Save me.........Before Its too late


3. saved by who?

Rosie's (p.o.v.)

I turned a corner and slammed into something hard I immediately fell to the ground I guess I hit my head hard because the only thing I remember is someone saying are you ok. Then I blacked out

Zayn's (p.o.v.)

Me and the boys were walking around Texas we love this place We love everyone's accent. We were turning a corner and someone ran into me but I guess the the person ran into me hard because she fell to the ground. I asked if she was ok but her head was bleeding I picked her up and the boys caught up to me Liam asked" what happened mate" I looked at him and said" I don't know but let's get her back to the hotel her head his bleeding.

****** hotel*******

Rosie's (p.o.v.)

I could hear quiet talking like " is she ok" " will she make it" " is she alive" then someone started poking my I opened my eyes to see five teenage boys looking down at me and a brunette boy poking my cheek. A boy with blonde hair slapped the boy that was poking me on the back of the head then the brunette boy said " hay what was that for " the blonde dude said" she's awake idiot" I slowly sat up with a little help from a boy with jet black hair styled in a quif a boy with curly hair asked" what's your name love" I pointed at a piece of paper and a pen in the corner a boy with brunette hair styled in a quif went over and grabbed the paper and pen I wrote down

Rosie grace smith

The boy with curly hair asked " why won't you speak love "

I wrote down " difficult to explain long story short tough life"

The all the boys looked at me with sympathy then the boy with jet black hair asked" do you know who we are " I wrote down " no should I ?" They all looked at me and said in unshion " we're one direction " I wrote down" oh I have heard of you" they introduced them selves.

The boy with jet black hair stuck out his hand and said" hello I'm Zayn " then boy with curly hair did the same thing and said " Harry " and he kissed my hand ok maybe I blushed a little. Then a boy with blonde hair stuck out his hand and said" Niall " then boy with brunette hair styled in a quif did the same thing and said " Liam " and other boy with brunette hair pulled me into a bone crushing hug and I flinched at his touch and whimpered because my body was soar from the beating.

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