Save me.........Before Its too late


2. Same as yesterday with a twist

Rosie's (p.o.v.)

I was in a deep sleep then my dad yanked me out of bed by my hair I didn't scream or cry I have gotten used to it I looked at him and he was completely drunk he slurred" GET ME A BEER SLUT" he let go of my hair and kneed me in the gut then he picked me up and slapped me now i cried. He probably left a bruise he then left my room I dragged myself into the restroom half my face was red from when he slapped me I didn't want to look at the one on my stomach it would be to painful I stripped my clothes and stepped into the shower and I let the warm water calm me down. 30 minutes later I stepped and got slapped by the cold air I wrapped a towel around me and went to my closet I grabbed a pair of jeans. A hoodie and black vans.

I grabbed my book bag and ran down stairs my dad didn't care he was passed out on the couch but he doesn't now this is the last time he will see me. I started walking to school when I got to school I put my head down and walked to my locker I grabbed my books and when I turned around I got slammed into my locker the jerk James said" did your daddy beat you today?" Oh how I wanted to slap that smirk of his face I didn't answer him so he decided to start punching me he stopped punching me right when the bell rang I dropped to the floor gasping for air . I told myself I can't take it I grabbed my bag and started running I ran out of the school I could feel something sticky running down my forehead I touched it " shit" I mumbled under my breathe I guess when he slammed me in to the locker he hit my head.

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