It's my bodyguard!

Niall Horan the famous singer needs a new bodyguard! And really quick, his mangement has found one and his best friend Olivia knows things about his new bodyguard but the only thing Niall could know is that his name is Liam Payne and he thought that his name was really weird..
What will Niall think of Liam?
Find out!!
Much Love!
Yasmine! <3


1. Prologue





A/N: Hyeee guys! This is my prologue for my new Niam Story!! 

Hope You all gonna like it! My first uploade, is gonna be on Louis birthday, Chrismis eve!! 

I promise! I just hope you guys love this prologue, maybe let me know? 

Love you alot!!  

Much Love Yasmine!! <3 




It’s my bodyguard



Niall is a famous singer, who everyone knows.

He needs a new bodyguard, the old one was kinda creepy to him..

His management was looking for someone good and with a real certificate..

Someone who really cares about the one he needs to protect, then it would be someone good..!


So Niall knew only one thing, His name was Liam Payne. Really applicable.. Payne, it’s like Pain..

The day they first met was just really awkward for Niall because he thought Liam was really hot!


Liam couldn’t or can’t bind him to Niall, because he can’t from his boss..

But he need to get to know Niall, because that’s only one thing he can from his boss. But he CAN’T bond.

Bit by bit he gets to know Niall, and he gets to know that Niall has been through a lot in his younger years..


Niall has an best friend and she is his manger too, is the only one that understands him and knows him..

Olivia (her name) is the only one who he trusts.

And she is the only one that knows  he’s not into girls…








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