Through My Lens

Joanna Artis loves taking pictures, and now she gets I dream chance to do that. She has always moved around, loosing homes and family, now she's found a new home. But will the magazine job cause her to lose her the very home and chance it have her with one direction? Will she have to leave home again?


2. The Job

I had moved to London because of the high demand for photographers. I thought if I could land a job at a modeling agency or working the runway I would love it, and I probably would of if i hadn't accepted a job at a magazine firm. I though I was going to do real photography but in stead they sent me out to hunt down stars and get shots of them doing things.

My first week I did well but I was told the photos I took weren't what they were looking for. Weeks turn to months and I was sure I was to be fired soon as my pictures were. Never good enough. Finally the day comes when I'm called into the bosses office.

"Now Joanna. I know you've been having a had time-"

"Sir I'd prefer you to tell me straight up that your firing me I know it's coming."

I look down and fiddle with my camera lens, zooming in and out.

"Fire you! Oh no! Miss Artis you take beautiful photos! Just not photos of what we want. That's why I'm sending you on a journaling project with one of are writers. We plan on releasing a special issue soon and we need a good photographer..."

I look up shocked and I almost jump out of the chair with glee. In fact I have to try so hard to surprises my self that I miss what else he had to say.

"I'll do it!" I stand up and shake his out stretched hand enthusiastically. He then tells me were to meet the journalist who was already working on the story. I write the address down on a sticky and walkout of his office feeling, for the first time, that I was about to do something worth while.

It turns out the job was a behind the scenes article over the life of one direction. Which personally I found stupid cause any good one direction fan already knows every thing the boys do but what ever I wasn't complaining about going on tour with one of my favorite bands.

"Favorite bands eh?" Niall asked leaning in as I finished introductions. "Who's your favorite member?"

"Well honest I'm more about the music as a whole then who's singing it."

"Oh she got you there." Louis laughed and patted Niall on the back. "No lover in your bed tonight."

We all laugh and a man comes in and calls the boys to rehearsal. I look over at Emily, the writer of the story, as she scribbles some stuff down. She is much older then me and the boys but still a beauty. She had introduced herself to me first explaining how we are to only observe and I should get as many shots as I can. So as she sat down at a table and started typing away on her laptop I walked off in the direction of the boys.

They were in a studio working on a new song. Or at least what they were suppose to be doing.

"Ok Liam give me a tune!" Liam strummed his guitar as Harry stated to sing a rambling song about how awesome and funny he was. I brought the camera up and snapped a picture.

I loved pictures cause it gave you a chance to freeze time and look back at it differently. And as I look down at the display on the camera I see Harry dancing on a plastic chair, Liam laughing as he casually played the music. Louis and Niall were reaching for the microphone in Harry's hand as they seemed to be yelling there disapproval of the song. While Zayn was in the middle of a mock yawn, the corners of his mouth turned up. The picture was fun to look at.

"We don't look like super stars any more when you take pics like that." I jump and I they all laugh at me. I blush and pull the camera back.

"Don't look at them!"

"Why hiding something?" Harry comes forward reach for the camera that I hold tighter to me as I mumble a no.

"Haha she's cute when she pouts." I frown at Louis which only brings more laughter. Then the man in the suit comes and yells at them.

"Well back to work." Harry gives me a wink, "but maybe later we can get lunch."

I blush, "I'm only here to observe, not..."

I trail off as they all start laughing again.

"I meant as a group. You can get some shots that way." Harry winks again and walks back into the recording room with the boys. "I wasn't asking you out...yet."

I took a few move pics at lunch, which Zayn didn't attend since, as I learned later, he had a date with his girlfriend.

At lunch the boys told me what the tour would be like.

"Make sure to get a lot of pics of me."

"Yea better keep that camera ready Harry is always doing something stupid." Louis elbows Harry with a grin. I snap the shot as Harry glares at Louis.

"That goes for both of you." Niall and I say together. We stare at each other for a second in surprised till Niall calls out jinx and we both start laughing. Then the food came and I put my camera away for the rest of lunch.

Afterwards we all went for a walk to visit some shops before leaving tomorrow. Then we ran into a group of girls that were chatting loudly at a store window.

"Sneak past!" Louis and Harry looked at each other excitedly.

"Why don't we just wait for them to leave." Liam suggested

"Such cowards! I say brave the fray!" Niall shouts as Louis quickly covers his mouth and they duck into a alley.

"You crazy!" Niall couldn't stop laughing. I stated standing on the sidewalk covering my mouth trying to hide my laugh as the girls look over at me. I wave and smile at them and they go back to look at the window.

"I don't think there going anytime soon." I whisper to the boys.

"Sneak then." Harry says with a gin.

"And how do you plan to get past then?"

"You kidding I'm a ninja!" Harry and Louis made a dramatic Kung Fu noise and pose.

I laugh and notice a familiar car slowly driving down the street. I wave at it and turn to the boys. "Or we could stage a high speed getaway."

I point at the car as Zayn rolls down the window and yells at them to hurry up.

It was a crowed car ride back to the hotel as cars weren't meant to hold six people. At the hotel the phone calls started. They called family, friends, and girlfriends.

I sat on the bed in Liam's room. I would spend the night here cause Liam was the only one with a two bed room and the hotel had no extra rooms for me.

He hanged up and held the phone to me. "Got anyone?"


"Really no family?"

"None I need to say bye to." I explained how I moved around and my dad and sister's where abouts were unknown to me.

"French huh? I knew you weren't English."

We ended up talking for most of the evening. I talked about how dad and mom were happily married but there was a falling out so my sister and I moved to Spain with my mother.

"What kind of falling out?"

I opened my mouth but then stopped, "just the argument kind."

I smiled and was glad when Liam dropped it. He turned on tv and stopped at a soccer match between Manchester United and Chelsea.

"I rival match!" I cross my legs and sit on the edge of the bed.

Liam laughs, "you know soccer?"

"Know it! I play it!" I blush and look down, "or I use to."

Manchester miss a easy goal and I throw my hands up cursing in French.

"Haha your just like Louis!"

I laugh with him for just a second then I hear cheering from the tv and I turn to see the instant replay of Chelsea's goal.


Just then Louis burst in. "Did you see that! How the hell did that go in?!"

I stand up and point at the tv, "I know right! David's blocked harder shots than that!"

"Hell yeah he has!"

With both start ranting and end up standing shoulder to shoulder as Manchester works them selves up the field. Our cheers get louder as they get a break away and I jump around and hug Louis as they score.

The cheering on the tv dies down and I realize I'm still hugging Louis. I almost pull back but he hold me tighter. He was warm and it had been so long since I'd had a hug like this. I ready my head on shoulder and take a deep breath. This should of been awkward but it wasn't, it felt right.


I look over and see Liam smiling and holding the camera and I let go. Louis must of realized what the noise was and lets go of me just as fast. He was blushing as he ran his fingers though his hair.

"Sorry Joanna"

"It's fine." I smile as I hear him say my name. He looks up at me and smile back then quickly leaves the room.

"Well was that a good hug? It looked nice. I wish I could have one." Liam hugs a pillow slowly rocking it.

"Ferme la!" I shout and throw a pillow at him and he throws it back. I catch the pillow and hold it laughing.

"What's wrong!" Liam sounded alarm, and I give him a questing look. "Your crying!"

I wipe my eyes and realize that I am. Liam stands up and sits down next to me taking my hand.

"I guess I'm just tired and it's been so long since Iv had this much fun." I pause for a second, "or hugged like that."

I can feel the tears still running down my cheeks.

"Awe well your partying with us now." He pokes my cheek and I smile. He let's go of my hand and gets up to turn the lights off. When he comes back I hold my arms out to him. I feel like a child reaching for their mother but I want him to hold me, and he does. He sit back on the bed and pulls me over holding me tight. I feel him run his fingers though my hair as I drift to sleep.

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