Perfection Between Us

Lindsey Hale moves to a small town beach in North Carolina. She loves the smell of the ocean air, and the salty sand. In her neighborhood, they are 5 friends she meets. It turns out to be the best summer a 15 year old could have. But what happens when a bad hurricane hits, and Lindsey finds herself alone with only 3 of the friends?


7. The First Kiss From Him

   I stare at the mess and back at my friends and my sister. "Well we can still swim..." I suggest. Meghan got a nervous glance at the ocean. "It looks really rough out there Lindsey. " she swallows. "Ok. You can stay on the shore with Rikki while the rest of us go out there."

     That is exactly what we did. I swam out there with Tyler. We stopped and look behind us. Jordan, Ridge, and Jenna were far behind. "GUYS THESE WAVES ARE TOO ROUGH!" Jordan yells. I turn and see a really big wave, peculiar for North Carolina. The wave was at least 30 feet over us. "DIVE!" Tyler yells at me. I dive but the current pulled hard on me. I was being pulled far out.

    I stand up and realize I'm really far from Tyler. He started waving at me and yelling. "LINDSEY SWIM OVER!" I swam and finally met him. A wave crashes over us, knocking me back into the water. I swim back up and grab Tyler's hands. We both were coughing up water and we could hardly breathe. Finally we rode a wave in and made it to shore.

    "Damn you could've been sucked in Lindsey." Tyler says, out of breath. He grabs my shoulder and the side of my face and kisses me on the lips. Sort of like making out but softer. Once he pulls away we stare at each other. It wasn't a blushy stare, or a goofy smile stare. It was serious. But romantically serious. I felt my heart stop.

     "I love you." he whispers in my ear. "Love you too." I say quietly and kiss him. It was an amazing kiss both times.

    We decided to go home after that. But I have to say, that was the most romantic moment of my life. I liked Tyler from the start. Now, we are a "Couple" I'm guessing,and I was over the moon. Exactly how I want it to be.

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