Perfection Between Us

Lindsey Hale moves to a small town beach in North Carolina. She loves the smell of the ocean air, and the salty sand. In her neighborhood, they are 5 friends she meets. It turns out to be the best summer a 15 year old could have. But what happens when a bad hurricane hits, and Lindsey finds herself alone with only 3 of the friends?


1. Arriving in Emerald Isle

     Taking deep breaths, we pull up into the new neighborhood. My eyes shift from house to house. Only 7 houses? What kind of neighborhood is this? My mom must have noticed my weird breathing, so she rubbed my shoulder. "You will make a lot of friends here. There are only like 5 other people your age." she attempted to comfort me. It didn't work.

    I step out of the car, staring at the beautiful house in front of me. Me and my sister Meghan started toward the steps, but on cue, "Girls! Come help me with the boxes!" she yells, annoying me even more. I push my sun-glasses ontop of my chocolate brown hair and stared at the loads of boxes, waiting for me to take them in.

   After one backache, three complaints, and two arguements, we were done. Now we started to unpack. We had gotten the kitchen, living room, bathroom, my room, and Meghan's room done. So all that was left was mom's room and the laundry room.

  "You know, you girls can go ride the golfcart down the path and maybe you can meet the other people." Mom suggested as she picked up a box with 'Mom' scribbled on it. "Yeah! Let's go please Lindsey!" Meghan squeals. She was 12 and I'm guessing she wanted to see a cute boy or something.

  So we got on the golfcart and rode off, down the small path. My eyes glued to a house, or should I say boy, that was to my left. The boy was holding a skateboard and rubbing his dog. His eyes fell onto mine and I felt the wheel jerk. I turn my head to see Meghan, grabbing the wheel. "Meghan stop!" I yell furiously, glaring at her. She let go and looked away.

   Once we got back to the house, Mom was done. I plop on the couch and stared at the TV. "Lindsey you really need to go and mingle. It's summer for god's sake." Mom forces. I still lay there, eyes glued to the TV. "Lindsey." she mumbles. I look up. "Mom, I only saw one boy outside. Out of the 5 people you told me about. So four are probably inside, doing their thing." I say plainly.

   After two minutes of that conversation, I ended up outside, sitting on the porch. I stare at the sun boredly and squint. Why was I being like this? I hated to act like it but I know I will never make friends here. There was the summer party this evening and that's the only thing I'm looking forward to. The adults were inviting old friends and family for it, so it looked like there was 6 teenagers and a few older kids running around. I'm probably going to sit alone, watching people talk.

  It was about 5:00 and I went and took a shower. I was defenitely going to dress to impress. because all the neighbors were going.

  After the shower, I got into my short denim cut-offs, a beautiful lace tank-top, and hightop converse. I dry my hair and straighten it. I add a little make-up to touch it up. Then Meghan came out. Her light hair was thrown into a braided bun, and her blue eyes gleaming with joy. She was in a pretty peach tank-top, a skirt, and flats. I was secretly jealous. "You girls look beautiful." Mom gushes, taking a picture of us. "Ready to go down?" she asks. I nod and we head out the door. I drove the golfcart down and parked it by another one.The party was under a shed, decorated in beautiful lights. I turn the key and take it out and I see a silohuette sitting in the golfcart by me. There sat 3 boys. Including the blonde that I saw earlier today.

  He looked really cute. Along with the other boys. He had tan skin, light blonde hair, the cutest blue eyes...Lindsey! Snap out of it. I can't do this again. Last time I did this, it became a disaster. the three boys looked over at me. Mom and Meghan had already disapeared. "You're the new girl...Lindsey right?" the one with the auburn hair asks. "Yeah..." I reply, wondering how they know my name. "My name is Jordan, that's Ridge, and this is Tyler." he says pointing out each one. My eyes stick onto Tyler.He was the blonde that I had thought about all afternoon.

  I awkwardky got up from the golfcart and smile at them. "I'm going to go get a drink. I will be right back." I say, nervously walking away. I dodge the dancing people and get to the drink table. I grab a plastic cup and scoop ice into it. "You must be Lindsey." a voice says. I turn to see 2 girls standing there. One had long straight blonde hair, the other had curly strawberry blond hair. "Yes I am." I reply, smiling. "I'm Jenna and that's Rikki." the strawberry blonde says. "Pretty names." I say back, pouring a Coke. I grab my cup and turn to them. "I see you've met the boys." Rikki says, blushing a bit. "Yeah. They are super hot." Jenna says, pushing her plastic cup closer to her. I stare back at the laughing boys who were watching something on Tyler's phone.

   "Let's go over to them and talk." Rikki says. Motioning to us as she walked ahead. We walked over and they glance over. "Hey. I see you've met Lindsey." Ridge says. "Yep." Jenna said, popping the 'p'. "Well, you girls want a ride?" Jordan asks. "Sure." all three of us girls said in sync. We sit in the back and Jordan pulls off.

   We head down the path, going past my house. I stare at the ground, watching us move by quickly. I finally had friends. I had a better life now. Everything was going to be great.


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