One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines and preferences.
I am currently not taking any more requests because of school. If you want, you can check out my 5sos fanfic, though.


9. Niall Imagine for Aria

Taken Away (Niall)

You are in the middle of one of your university classes when you get the text. Quickly glancing at the screen, you see your boyfriend's name, Niall, pop up. You smile as you read the text. "Hey, could u meet me @ studio asap?" You love visiting Niall at his work, and often hung out there with the rest of the boys and their girlfriends. So you don't think that today will be any different.

When the class ends, you drive straight to the studio. Niall is standing at the front door, a frown on his face. As you approached him, he walked up and hugged you, kissing your forehead. "You alright?" he asked. 

"Yeah," you say, cheerfully. "How're you doing?"

Niall just shakes his head as he leads you down the halls, where you are confronted by two official-looking men. They bring you both into a plush office, where they ask you to sit down. You oblige.

"So," you say awkwardly, "what's all this fuss about?" Niall takes your hand, but says nothing. 

One of the two other men starts to speak. "Hello, Aria. We have a very important matter to discuss today. I'm Alex, head of the branch of Modest Management that handles One Direction. There are some problems that have come to my attention involving you and Niall... you see, there are been a huge fuss ever since you two have started dating. The band's success has been severely affected by it. So I've come here to request... well, you two need to end your relationship."

Your heart plunges to your toes. "What?" you say weakly. "I don't understand..."

"It's for the best," Alex says, trying to be reassuring. 

You glare at him, then turn to Niall. He just sits there, head in his hands. "I don't know what to do..." he whispers, looking up at you with pain in his eyes.

"Well, anyway," interrupts Alex, "We better get going. But I'm glad you see things my way. We'll all be better off."


Two days later, you clearly are not 'better off.' You are absolutely miserable. But you can't do anything about it. Niall wasn't answering any of your calls or texts, and you had spent the days moping in your flat. 

Restless, you pace back and forth, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. You shuffle over to the door and open it. Your eyes, which were a second ago dull and empty, light up when you see your visitor--Niall!

He charges into the room, eyes bright. "Listen, Aria, I don't care anymore. Do what they want, they can't keep me away from you. I've been in a horrible mood since that day..." he trails off.

A smile begins to appear on your face. "So, you're taking me back?" you ask.

Niall grins back. "Oh yes," he says. He envelops you in a long embrace, then kisses you. You stay like that for what seems to be hours, but you don't mind--all that mattered was that Niall was there, with you.

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