One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines and preferences.
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8. Memories (Zayn)

Memories (Zayn)

You have been looking forward to tonight all week, for tonight, Zayn and you were going to one of the greatest restaurants in the area.

You are all dressed and ready to go by 6:30, even though Zayn was going to pick you up from your flat at seven. You pace around your kitchen, anxious but excited. Normally, you aren’t this nervous, but for some reason, you were tonight.

The second your clock’s hands hit 7 o’clock, the doorbell rings. You bolt to the door, and open it up with a flourish.

"Hey," Zayn says, grinning. "You look great. Ready to go?"

"Yup!" you say cheerfully. "Let me get my bag, and then we can leave."

You and Zayn chit-chat about small little things on the drive there.

When you enter the restaurant, you let out a small gasp. “Wow, this place is amazing!” you murmur. Your eyes scan over the beautiful room—it was dimly lit, with candles lit on the tables, and soft music was playing. You had never seen anything like it before.

"Glad you like it," Zayn says, smiling. Just then a waitress walks over and leads you to a table.

You enjoy the dinner thoroughly. When you finish, Zayn pays the bill. Then he takes your hand and you take a walk around the quiet town. As you walk, Zayn begins to talk about the day you first met.

"Hey, remember the first day I saw you?" he asks.

You smile. “Yeah. Best day of my life.” You are silent for a while. “Wow… that was a long time ago, wasn’t it?”

"Well, three years," Zayn says. "Yeah, I suppose that is a long time. A lot has happened since then, hasn’t it?"

The memories flash through your brain. Your first date, first kiss, all of the laughs you two shared together. “Definitely.”

Suddenly Zayn stops walking, pulling you to a halt. “I love you, (Y/N),” he says. Then he kneels down and pulls a small, black, velvet box out of his pocket. He opens the lid, revealing a diamond ring. “Will you marry me?”

Your heart is beating at an impossible speed. “Yes,” you say, almost breathless. “Yes, I will. I love you too, Zayn.”

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