Chasing The Sun (The Wanted Fanfic)

It's the Apocalypses. There's Zombies everywhere. The guys of The Wanted,their girlfriends ,and younger siblings try to get a cure for Agness, Jays' four year old sister who is very sick. This story is full of adventure , action , heartbreak, and you might even cry because of it's tragic drama.


6. Stomach Bug



              (Jeremy's P.O.V.)



                       I look over at Kylee and smile. She starts rubbing her head, like she was in pain. "You ok princess?" I ask her. "Hmm? Oh, ah yah, I'm fine," she says, but looking like she was going to puke. "Lets get you inside," I say. I stand up, and grab her hand gently, pulling her up. We start walking back to the tree house, and I get a bit more worried for her, as she puts her arm on her stomach, in pain. Then, she leans forward, and throws up. "Oh, gosh!" I gasp worried. She gets down on her knee's, so I start rubbing circles on her back. "Jay! Come help me out, we need to get her inside," I tell him. "What happened?" He asks. "I'm not sure, she was fine a little while ago," I say, confused. He nods his head. "I'll take her inside, you go get Nathan." I agree, "Ok," and I go get Nathan. I walk over, back to the setting circle, where ever one hangs out, and walk up to Nathan, who was joking around with Siva. "Nathan," I say, getting his attention. "Yah?" He asks, looking up at me. "Jay said I should come get you, I think Kylee might be sick," I say. "Sick?" he asks shocked. I nod my head. He stands up, and he follows me to the tree house. We get inside, where Jay has put Kylee in her bed. She was leaning over a bowl, puking. Nathan runs over to her. I walk over to her side, and sit in-between Jay and Nathan. She lays back down, with her hand across her stomach. "What do you think it is?" I ask them. "It's probably food poisoning. I don't think Max cooked the meat long enough. She should be ok in a few days, we just need to make sure to make her keep eating, even if she doesn't want to," Jay says. I nod my head. "Two of us need to go out, someone has to stay with her though," Jay suggests. "I will," I say. They nodded there heads, and left.

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