You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


7. 7.

247 days after

song for this chapter: Banks- Change (SBTV performance)

James´s face fades day by day away and I can´t even remember his voice. However it doesn’t change the way I still feel about him. I love him with all my soul and I´ll never stop. I know it because no one will ever love me the way he did. I want to cry and slap myself at the same time for bringing the memory of him up, here in my office when Zayn is about to be here in a minute. Now I am going to sign the contract with Josh and Zayn that Grincham decided to invest in our company a little. So basically we are going to act like it, when the truth is hidden behind our performances.

“Zayn Malik from Grincham Corporation is here, can I send him in?” Becca announces standing by the door in her best dress.

 “Yes, I am already waiting for him” I reply with a smile and notice Zayn walking to my office through the hallway. He is wearing black suit with black shirt under it. He looks mysteriously handsome. I noticed it in Niall´s bar earlier but now it hits me even more. He grins when Becca isn’t looking and walks in. Becca half-smiles and leave us alone.

“Nice office” Zayn tells me when he stands by the French window and start admiring the view. Then he quickly looks at me when the air is clean.

“I am looking forward to seeing this bastard´s face” he adds and sits in front of me on the leather chair.

“So, the plan is….” I start but Zayn finishes for me.

“The plan is for you to stay cool. Firstly. And secondly, when you sign all the papers we will wait for the next revenue and check the numbers. When there will be like missing money, we will call the police. Well, you will. Like the co-owner of the company” he tells me and gives me a reassuring smile. Harry and him clearly think it through.

“Harry had it all planned out” he adds like he could read my mind and smiles at me wider.

“He really-“ Zayn suddenly stops speaking and his eyes fall at the door.

“Mr. Malik, welcome!” Josh suddenly enters the room and I gulp loudly.

“I am really glad Noel arranged this contract, it´s honour to-“ Josh starts to smiling like a rat and I want to slap him for it. Zayn clearly noticed his good mood and these poor bonding attempts.

“Let´s get straight to the point, Mr. Bennet. I don’t have an extra time for you to beat about the bush” Zayn gives him a -I am the boss here- look and Josh shuts up till we sign the papers.

“So, thank you for your time Mr. Malik. I am really glad you chose exactly us” I add politely when we shakes our hands.

“The pleasure is mine, Ms. Newman. I see a great potential in your company” Zayn replies in his always calm voice and I want to give him five straight away after his incredibly cool performance.

“Mr. Bennet” Zayn nods at Josh and leaves the office.

“Didn’t he seem a little off? Like I ate his dinner or something?” Josh breaks the silence after Zayn´s leaving. SO he did notice. I laugh in my head.

“I don’t know. He seemed nice to me” I reply and pick up the contract papers. I have to back up them somewhere. I tell to myself.

“Hey Noel?” Josh is still in my office, leaning against the wall.

“Yes” I answer annoyed a little.

“You and Styles, is there something going on between you?” he suddenly ask and I stop whatever I was doing before to show him I have a work to do so he could leave.

“Why are you asking me this?” Where is he going with this?

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to dig into your privacy. It´s just, you and him seem to spend every lunch break together. It´s just weird do see you…” Josh adds.

“With people? Yes, that´s because my fiancée killed himself. Harry is the only normal person he doesn’t treat me like you do now. And of course he doesn’t give me the stupid questions” I cut Josh off. Maybe it was harsh but seriously this man robbed my own company and didn’t have the guts to tell me he needed and extra money or whatever reason he had to trick me. He just stands there, with his arms crossed by his chest.

“I didn’t mean upset you…” He apologises.

“Well, you did. And now If you excuse me…” I add and go to the shelf next to him. He shakes his head and leaves the room.


And what if I had something with Harry, which I don’t, but what if. It´s not of his business. We stopped being friends a long time ago.


“Are you ok?” Harry asks me when we sit on the concrete stairs in the little park next to my building. I know it´s January but it´s not that cold today.

“Yes” I reply and look at him.  His hair is gently waving in the air and his eyes are melting mine. Why does he care so much?

“Actually no” I quickly add and look at my hands. They are shaking and I can´t stop it.

“Hey, Noel. What´s wrong?” Harry asks me one more time and tries to find my face in my hands. I feel the warmth of his body and it reminds me the old times when I felt it often.

“I don´t know. I guess I won´t end this sandwich” I add and point at the sandwich still packed.

“You didn’t even take a bite…” Harry adds softly and I give him my best fake smile.

“I am just not hungry, that’s all” I add and move a little from Harry´s presence. I can´t sit so close to him.

“Do you want to tell me something else than the excuse you´re just not hungry?” Harry smiles at me and I feel the smile slowly appearing on my lips again.

“What do you want to hear?” I dare him.

“What you want to tell me” he responses in a very unexpected way. What I want to tell him?

“I feel bad, Harry” I finally answer his question.

“Don’t worry about Josh, it will end up good for us. Trust me with this” he adds and tightens the fist in his lap.

“Can we get drunk today?” I quickly change the subject. I see Harry´s relieved look.

“Are you sure it´ll help?” Harry adds in his playful tone.

“I can´t think of anything else what could possibly help than a whiskey” I tell him and look into his eyes this time. They are too green in this kind of light. Is it a good idea? Why is he the only one who I want to spend the time with? Why am I thinking about him more than about James these days? Why isn’t James still here? I hate when I don’t know the most of answers I gave to myself.

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