You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


3. 3.

205 days after

“Noel, you´ve got three voice mails from your mother and then one from your brother Alex” Becca, my assistant, announces me when I sit on my ergonomic chair. “Thanks Becca, could you please cancel all my meetings for today? I don´t have the mood for-“ Becca cut me off. “- but Ms. Newman, you´ve already cancelled meetings from the previous week and Mr. Bennet said you-“ I hate when she tries to suck Bennet´s balls. But she is a nice girl after all. I just politely smile at her “ I don´t care what Mr. Bennet says. And now excuse me…”I tell her and start typing something into my laptop to prove her I am not completely ditching my work. The truths is, my laptop is off. I just want her to leave me alone. “Yes, of course” she says her voice full of respect. I am relieved she´s already left and I can take off my high heels. I don’t like wearing them at all. Just one button, and my whole office is in complete darkness. I like all these hyper futuristic features my office offers.  When I am about to lie down on the papers on my desk, I hear Becca´s voice telling someone I am pre-occupied. Then someone opens the door regardless of all warnings my assistant gives him. “Noel, are you fucking kidding me!” Josh shouts at me with the controller in his hands, while curtains are slowly revealing the sun shine. “It´s been more than 7 months now. You should stop fucking around and get yourself together, girl” Josh adds and sit on the chair in front of me. “I know” it´s all I can give him. I know it but I just can´t do anything about it. I am powerless. Josh or Mr. Bennet how Becca would call him, is my friend from the university. He started the business while we were students and asked me if I was for joint-venture. He is a smart lad, enthusiastic and clever man but he never had luck with girls. Maybe that’s why I agreed on joining the business, I just knew he wouldn’t just run away with the money with some blond whore. “You know I understand what happened to you. I totally get you, you are my friend Noel. But you are also running this business and I can´t let it bankrupt” his eyes are filled with worries and I slowly nod. I should do something. Not sure what exactly but something for sure. “I am a complete mess, aren’t I?” I tell him while hiding my face in my palms. “A little” Josh states with a smirk. I give him my best smile and sigh heavily. “Becca?” I rise the phone to my ear. “What meeting is in my schedule? Tell him I am already waiting for him in my office” I tell into phone when Becca answers. “Ok, Ms. Newman. It´s the CoIeman and Co. I am going to give a call and tell him you´re ready” Becca announces to the phone when Josh smiles at me. “Welcome back, Noel” Josh adds and leaves. I smile at him when my legs quickly reach for the high heels under my desk. A sudden knock interrupts my searching and Becca steps inside. “Mr. Styles is here, Ms. Newman. Shall I sent him in?” I give her a nod when my left hand quickly goes through my seriously messy hair. Then I stand up and go welcome the guest.

He is tall, maybe more than two feet I would say. He is wearing black suit with black shirt under it buttoned up to the neck. This man standing in front of me with his hands ready to shake mine is handsome indeed. I guess he is the same prick as the last manager of Coleman and Co. His hair is messily sticking out with no sense of looking respected. He looks more like a boy not someone I should discuss work with. His smile is contagious though. I bet he does this to a lot of women.

“Ms. Newman, I am Harry Styles, the head manager of financial centrum of Coleman and Co. Nice to meet you” he speaks up as first. I put my hand into his and give the smile back.

“Nice to meet you too. Please have a seat” I add while showing him the chair in front of my desk. I am curiously watching him walking toward the chair. Maybe Coleman finally decided to hire good looking people into higher positions just to impress the others. I finally push my feminine side aside and start acting professional.

“So Mr. Styles. The main goal of this meeting is to discuss the previous revenue of -“ as I am ready to pull off my respected voice, his thick northern accent cut me off.

“- May I ask for a glass of water?” he adds politely. I quickly shut my open mouth and call for Becca.

“Becca, could you please bring to Mr. Styles a glass of water? Thank you” I say to phone and then hang off with the smile. I hope we will move to the business now.

“So, the revenue of the last four months shows very deep-“ Becca´s knock interrupts me again so I roll my eyes at her.

“Here is your water Mr. Styles, anything else you need?” she asks him in the tone I have never heard of. I guess she likes him and now is trying to impress him as an obedient assistant.

“That´s all. Thank you” he replies while turning on chair to catch her eyes. She blushes and give him a nod. Then she slowly walks away in her black high heels, swaying her hips from one side to another. I take a deep breath and start again.

“Ok. So revenue statistics shows that sales are slowly decreasing and I blame the wrong reports which provides Coleman and Co. Is there anything suspicious about the numbers in the last four months? Some abruptly high values or the opposite, really low ones?” I say to him, actually proud of myself saying it without a hesitance or interruption.

“That´s why I am here Ms. Newman. I´ve discussed this issue with Mr. Bennet earlier this week. He insisted on a meeting with you though. He and I agreed on mutual financial reports from both our financial centres to uncover the problem. He also told me you are the one who leads your financial centre and it would be better to discuss with someone who actually understands what low values mean” he smiles at me as he catches me looking at him. I quickly look at the watch and shake my head. I feel his green eyes patiently waiting for my next move. I just smile at him and then his last sentence hits me. He actually joked about Bennet´s acknowledge of our financial problems. Josh is terrible at solving any problems regarding low sales or our annual revenue. I giggle quietly.

“Mr. Bennet is more seller than accountant. I have to agree with you on this” I add and give him a smile. This one is sincere though. I like this man. I mean his professional side. I can just hope that more people who attends my meetings would be this witty or just like more human when it comes to business.

“May I ask you something, Ms. Newman?” he suddenly ask and I go more curious.

“Of course” I reply and lean deeper into my chair. He smiles at me and lean closer to my desk for change. His fists are intertwined together as he leans his mouth against them. Then he take a deep breath

“How come someone like you can lead this big enterprise and also take care of financial stuff?” he says and stay serious.

“I don´t quite understand the question” I respond hesitantly.

“I mean, young woman like you is most likely to be an assistant than an owner. Don´t take it wrong, please” he adds probably worried he may have insulted me. I just frankly smile at him.

“I get this a lot. Well, I don´t know I guess I just worked hard at university and I´ve been working since then” I shrug. He smiles goes wider and then he shakes his head. A knock on door interrupts us both. Becca.

“I am sorry to interrupt you Ms. Newman but there is another meeting on your schedule after Coleman and Co.” she says smirking at Harry Styles. I would say she has just made it out to spend some time with him. But then I remembered I´ve been ditching my work for good 3 months and there is a lot of meetings I have to attend. So I guess Becca is right. I exhale heavily.

“It was nice meeting you Mr. Styles” I add when he stands up to shake our hands again. He just smiles at me and don’t break the shake. I quickly withdraw mine first and hide both hands behind my back.

“Me too Ms. Newman. I hope we will see each other soon” he replies and scratches the back of his neck with his right arm. Then he takes the suitcase from the floor and disappears.

“Quite a catch, don’t you think?” Becca adds while standing by the open door, probably watching him walking through the hallway.

“Back to work, Becca” I snap and she closes the door with the apologetic look.

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