You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


23. 23.

Harry gives me confused look and I sigh heavily.

“Bennet told me everything about that blackmailing” I take a deep breath ready to continue but he suddenly cuts me off.

“Really? And how it all went? I have totally forgotten to call you, I am sorry today was a bit whirl for me”, he says and waits for me to answer.

“It’s been Jack Coleman the whole time. And I am not sure why he let you do that controlling over our numbers, when it was him who stole that money”, I reply in one breath and watch Harry changing colour of his face from pink to red and then to white. His eyes got widened. His both hands went through his dark hair and stay in there for a while. Elevator is a really small space but he somehow manages to walk nervously around. He looks confused but angry at the same time. I can tell by the visibility of veins on his forearms. I have never seen him like this. Ever.

“Harry, did you know any of it?” I sound desperate but I can’t control it. This place is filled with hot air and anxiety. Harry suddenly stiffs. His face expression tells me he is more than pissed by that question.

“You really think that? You really believe that I’ve been playing you the whole time?” he screams.

“Why you then? He let you look at that numbers. He let you find out that there was a fraud. He knew you would eventually put facts together and find out it was him the whole time”, I sound convincing because his muscles relax a bit. He is thinking it through because this is the truth. I just need him to tell me his side of story.

“Noel, I didn’t know. If I did, I would tell you right away. You have to trust me with this”, his hands grab mine. Harry’s eyes seem like ocean after storm. I can see he is a lot calmer than he was before, but there is still this fume around.

“I know. I am sorry”, I whisper and squeeze his hands harder.

“Why would Colman want me out of the business anyway? Our sales are a lot smaller than yours, we are not your competition in that way”, I ask him full of hope he would know the answer. I can’t trust everything Bennet said to me. He was the one who let me down in every way possible after all.

“I don’t think this elevator is the right place to talk it through.” Harry says and pushes the button to the ground floor. He leads us outside the building in a hurry but manages to wave at that bleached receptionist.

“Where-“ I start but he cuts me off as he puts car key in ignition.

“My place.” He states and I just lay myself deeper in a car seat and watch the city blur at speed.

I have never been at his place. We have always met at mine or just somewhere out. But never his place. It’s not like it has never occurred me why, but I’ve felt comfortable with him anywhere.

I imagined he is living in a big ass condo, with no bed just large matrass in the middle of everything. However I was wrong the whole time. He lives in a house. It’s nothing big but I can feel the warmth and cosiness straight away as we enter. Harry lightens the hallway as I put my jacket on the hanger. Walls are painted in dark grey and there are pictures of his family hanging on all four walls. In total silence we walk to the living room. Mustard yellow sofa is in the middle and right next to it is guitar stand with electric guitar in it. This whole place smells like him. I can’t help it.

“You look confused”, he smirks as I pick a pillow with some orient figure from the floor. I put it on the sofa and laugh.

“I have never been here, give me a minute”, I reply and walk into kitchen. It’s small but everything perfectly fits in here. There is small kitchen table for two in front of the window that is hidden behind the curtains. I sat myself on one of the dining chairs and my eyes continue traveling through all the surfaces possible. There is dirty mug from the tea by the sink, bottle of white wine on the counter and half-eaten banana.

“So what do you think then?” he joins me at the table and puts his right hand on my knee.

“I like it”, I respond and top his hand with mine. His fingers intertwine with mine and he tightens the grip. He smiles at me and then let his forefinger and middle finger dance from my knee and then he stops on my thigh. I laugh and he just gives me one of his looks. His cheeky smile turns into serious glare. His eyes narrow and he stares at me from behind his eyebrows.

“I feel like shit, Noel. I can’t believe Coleman let me work on this.” His voice is soft but hoarse at the same time.

“Haven’t you noticed something suspicious when this all started? I ask him. He shook his head but then all of sudden nods.

“Yeah, actually. He acted really weird when he handed me your books. He came personally to me and that’s what he has never done before. To anyone. The thing is, I wanted to leave Coleman and Co. few times because I’ve found some irregularities in accountings earlier. And when I came to him he just sent me back to my office without explanation. I had to act like nothing happened many times at board meetings,” his left hand plays with his bottom lip as he continues, “I couldn’t quit though. Job like this doesn’t appear so often. Zayn wanted me to sue Coleman and work for him but I couldn’t work for my best friend, it’s still weird”, Harry seems immersed in his thoughts and I let him. I start thinking it through in my head. Harry wanted to quit, or at least refer to the mistakes in their numbers. Coleman shuts him down but then surprisingly forgets everything and let Harry work on my case in which he makes Bennet adjusting the numbers so there seems to be a problem in my own firm. All this time I thought there was a deeper meaning beside the traits he left. But it was all about leaving traits after all.

“You are the one responsible for all the cashflows in that company, right?” I ask Harry and my question seems to surprise him.

“Yeah, why?” He looks confused.

“And when I, as your customer find out that your company has fingers in adjusting the numbers of our sales, whose responsibility it is then? I ask him, even though I know the answer.

“I am responsible for that”, Harry replies as his eyes go madly open.

It’s not just that Coleman wants my company down. He is also going after Harry.

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