You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


22. 22.

I’ve left the office right away.

I sat myself into the corner and looked around. I haven’t seen Niall so maybe he doesn’t work today.

I ordered as usual and waited. I didn’t know exactly what for but I was sure this is not how everything ends. I should talk to him and let him explain it to me.


“Noel, hey”, I turn around as I hear my name. It’s Niall.


“I haven’t seen you here”, I tell him apologetically. He smiles at me but suddenly stops.


“Are you okay?” He leans in to my table and enclose his hand on my back. He smells like beer and soap.


“I don’t know”, I shake my head and look in Niall’s eyes in total numbness.


“You should find it out,” he replies worriedly and takes a seat in front of me, “Should I call Harry?”


“No, no calling Harry.” I wave my hands in disapproval and pour the rest of the drink in my throat.


“Okay then. Is it something I can help you with?” Niall seriously cares about the answer but I don’t want to drag him into this.


“I have a really bad feeling about something.” I reply.


“Bad feelings suck. But you know what? Sometimes they are not as bad as you thought they would be.”


He was actually right. I should stop projecting everything in black and white. I should do something about it. I should do something about everything.


“Niall, you are the best,” I say and kiss him on the left cheek as I stand up and leave orangey banknote on the table.


It’s past 5 pm but I know he will be still at work. I haven’t actually been in this building. Ever. We have always met somewhere else.


There is honey blond girl on the reception desk. She looks busy. Or at least she is trying to look that way.

“Good evening. I am here to see Mr. Styles”, I ask her nicely. She looks up at me from her low seated chair and smiles like she is forced to.


“I am sorry, but Mr. Styles is not available anymore. You should have come in his working hours. They are displayed on the door. Outside”, she smiles like that again.


“Could you please tell me on what floor is his office?” I ask her politely and still calm.


“Ms., I can’t give you that piece of information. And surely I cannot let you pass through the hallways of this building no matter how desperate you are.”


I dial his number in front of her. I could have done that earlier but I didn’t want him to see me coming.


“Hey, I was just about to call you” Harry’s voice sounds cheerful as always.


“Harry, I am just at your reception downstairs. Could you run down here, please?”


“What? Yeah, sure-“, he hangs up and I just take a look at the blond receptionist. She looks scared but doesn’t let it know.


“I am not that desperate.” I tell her but she still doesn’t believe.


After few minutes I can see him walking towards me. He never stopped smiling since he got from that elevator. His hair is waving playfully as he takes quick steps. When he reaches the reception desk he leans in and smiles firstly at me. I feel the blood in my cheeks and chills covering my arms. Then he gives a look at Coleman and Co.’s receptionist.


“Was there any problem in letting Ms. Newman into my office, Leticia? I believe it was just misunderstanding.” He asks her nicely and politely. Just like he asks everyone about everything.


“I am sorry, Mr. Styles but it is way past 5 and I didn’t want you to be interrupted with work anymore.” She sounds convincing.


“Ms. Newman is my girlfriend, Leticia, and you have just deprived me of minutes spent with her. So next time, you will let her in even with the unsecured grenade. Is it clear?”


Did he just… scold her? Harry Styles scolding someone and being actually mean to someone. But then the other words he said hit me. I should make things right. I shouldn’t have thought bad things about the man I love.


“Yes, Mr. Styles.” She nods and dives in some paperwork.


Harry takes my hand and leads me to elevator. When the elevator door closes I watch Harry pushing the number 12. We both don’t say anything just stand there beside each other. My right hand slowly reaches his and I just take a deep breath. I can’t wait any longer.


Then all my bottled up, unspoken and twisted thoughts make me push the STOP button.


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