You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


15. 15.

Afternoon has passed quickly. Maybe because I was checking time every minute and waiting for a call from Harry. He still hasn’t called though. Maybe I should call him. Or maybe I should be more patient. A hard knock brings me back to reality. The door opens and I grin. It´s Harry wearing a suit and leaning against the now closed door.

“This Becca really loves me when she let me in with no word” Harry smiles at me and I melt the second his lips turn to cheeky grin.

“Hi” he quickly shakes the grin away and gives me a warm smile.

“Hi” I reply and shake my head. I want to stand up and wrap hands around him and kiss his red lips and cuddle to his chest and everything but I just don’t know how so it wouldn’t look like I am a total slag. But I missed not being around him since the morning. I should put that awkwardness away and jump on him. But I just stay staring at him.

“So I brought lunch so we could just eat here” Harry breaks the silence still smiling at me. Now I feel more awkward. Then I spot 2 paper boxes and smell the food. He really bought me a lunch.

“No one has ever brought me lunch to my office. Thank you” I reply and stand up to look what it is.

“What would you say if we went to eat it somewhere else though?” I add and watch his reaction. He is confused.

“Ok” he adds hesitantly.

Then I open the door and take Harry´s hand. I realise there is a lot of people outside my office who see it but I don’t care. I lead him through the stairs and two more doors. Then I open the last and green garden appears in front of us. This is a roof of the building next to ours. They agreed on remaking it into a place where we could just spend lunch breaks and so. I haven’t been here lately but now it seems like a perfect place. Even the sun isn’t shining today as usual I feel the warmth on my skin when I release my hand from his.

“Do you seek for someone my profession? I would really like to work here after all what I have just seen” Harry states and I smile at him.

“Maybe. If you are good-“ I laugh when he pulls me to him. To be honest I am not surprised by his reaction. We are only ones here and I can see what it does to both of us.

I wrap my hands around his neck and wait for a perfect moment when he doesn’t move. I lean to him and kiss him slowly. I enjoy every second of it cause it is the reason why I have been looking forward seeing him again. Harry´s fingers tuck up my shirt a little and show my naked back. I get goose bumps after his touch and prolong the kiss. Then Harry does  one step closer to me and I feel like we are one. All my balance is in his hands now. He does it once more and then I realise he is holding me above the ground like I am a twig. This feels like it has no end and I am about to collapse with desire.

“Jesus. Why haven’t you kissed me like that when I came to your office?” Harry states and I blush. So he did notice my uncertainty back then.

“I can’t get used to it” I reply shyly.

“Get used to what?” Harry asks me.

“Kissing you whenever I want to” I reply and smile at him. He knows exactly what I mean by my reactions when we meet.

“Noel?” Harry exhales heavily.

“Mmh?” I murmur while my eyes travel through his face.

“Kiss me whenever you want to, please” He replies and I don’t know how to react. My mind still can’t comprehend the fact I love spending time with him but my body can.

I lean my head against his shoulder and hug him tight.


When we finish the lunch I lead him back to my office. When I am about to step into main hallway I recognise the man sitting on the leather sofa in front of Becca´s desk.

“Matty- what are you-“ I stammer my right hand squeezing Harry´s.

Matty suddenly stands up and look at us. His eyes suddenly fall on our intertwined hands. I see the anxiety in his eyes and how his neck veins become more visible and that second I let go of Harry´s hand.


“Hi” Matty states angrily. Harry quickly recognises the atmosphere here. Even stupid Becca watches us.

“You won’t introduce us?” He remarks annoyingly and I my eyes get wider. He doesn’t have to act like this.

“Harry this is Matt. Matt this is Harry” I reply in one tone.

“Nice to meet you, Matt” Harry adds nicely and I quickly search for his hand. I quickly grab it and squeeze it.

Matty quickly realises what is going on and ignores Harry´s hand in front of him.

“Yeah. Whatever. I just thought I could surprise you and wait for you here so we could go out for a drink later but I can see you are busy with -“ Matt adds and I want to tell him he acts like an asshole but Harry cuts me off.

“You have some problem with me man?” Harry suddenly doesn’t sound so nice. But I don’t mind really.

“If I have problem with you? No. No, don’t worry. I don’t really care about you” he replies and I want to punch him even more.

“Then stop” I say. “And leave” I add and the second words leave my mouth I realise it was harsh.

“James would really root for you two, Noel” Matt replies and I start crying. He hasn’t just said that.

“Just leave!” I now scream at him and watch him leaving the building. He lights the cigarette when he is still inside and disappears.

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