When one of the boys has less than 5 month to get married I feel like my world comes down but then one of the other boys comes and changes my life not knowing that my best friend who is getting married is starting to fall for me!


1. Midnight Memories

I was scared to walk in knowing he was in there.So my cousins Denise and Tiffany pulled me in.I took a deep breath and walked like nothing,but knowing he was there just made my blood rush thru my body and feel like he was watching me,but I knew it wasn't like that.In less than 5 months he would get married.It broke my heart knowing he was getting married,we were friends since kindergarten it tore my heart.When I finally spotted him with Harry,Niall,Louis,and Zayn.Denise kept looking at Harry,Tiffany slobbered for Niall,but I could only imagine a future with Liam.Pretty soon Niall asked Tiffany out to dance of course she said yes she kept looking at him,but Denise's situation was different,Harry was coming towards us to ask Denise to dance,but then Louis came and pulled her to the dance floor I was left alone drinking my Bloody Mary.Then from the corner of my eye I saw Zayn.I acted like I didn't see him coming.I got nervous.He came up

" Do you want to dance?" Asked Zayn .

I was gonna say no,but before I could answer he pulled me to dance.I was having so much fun the time flew by,but soon me and my cousins had to go.The guys had to leave too.Right when I said goodbye someone grabbed me and......

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