My brothers best friend

What happens when Tori loses contact with her brother Niall for a few years an he becomes famous...


2. chapter two

Tori's P.O.V

I was getting ready for the night club me and my friend were going to tonight. I put on my black skin tight dress and black high heels, I curled my hear and just put mascara and black eyeliner. I heard my friend outside beeping the horn.

*skip to the night club*

When we arrived at the night club the music was blaring and you could see the many people already drunk and people making out. My friend Cara walked in to get a drink of beer the bartender was really sexy but Cara called dibs on him haha. We ordered a few beers and I got up to dance. I walked to the dance floor and found some random guy, he was cute brown hair and a few tattoos. I walked up to him and started dancing with him, he was holding my hips while I was grinding on him and I could feel his boner. I turned around and we looked into each other's eyes and he started leaning in and so did I we kissed but since I was a little drunk and so was he it got heated and it turned into a make out session.

"Want to get away from this place?" He said seductively in my ear and I nodded. He led me outside and we walked a little bit down the road, the fresh air sobered me up a bit and I think it do the same for him. When we got to the house he said sorry for taking me and that he was a tiny bit drunk when he said that and I said it's okay I was the same.

We spent the test of the night cuddling on the couch watching TV. I found out his name was Louis and that he was only a year older than me. I checked the time on my phone and was shocked at the time, Cara would still be at the night club and no doubt she would be drunk out of her mind so I had to leave and pick her up.

"Louis I have to leave now and get my friend from the night club" I said.

"Okay well let's exchange numbers so we can keep in touch." He said so we exchanged numbers and I got up to leave when we got to the door he pulled me into another kiss after that I left.

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