The Search

Lana has always felt abandoned and lonely. Her parents were never home and she only had one best friend.But Lana's world starts to turn upside down. When her cousins Jason and John comeback into her life. For the first time in forever she doesn't feel alone. But Jason and John's mom's boyfriend Darren wants them back home to live with him. Lana thinks the answer to their problems is a famous statue that belonged to the school. Only problem is that it's been missing for years. But soon find out there's way more to the mystery and danger than they expected. But how far will Lana go to ensure they'll stay with her or will she be abandoned yet again.


6. this night sucks


Lana applied the mascara onto her short eyelashes. She decided to wear that was white and leggings with strips on the side. The sweater was from Tiffany's closet. She put down the tube of mascara on her buidior and took her lip gloss.  It was 7:50 pm Austin should be hear soon to pick her up.  She checked her reflection in the mirror.  She actually straightened her hair for the occasion. She almost look as good as Tiffany except a good 3 inches shorter and  not as skinny. Her eyes looked mysterious with the smokey eye she tried to apply. She straightened her back which made her even taller. She heard a honk in the front driveway. She quickly grabbed her phone and dashed down the stairs.


Just as Lana stepped in Austin's black convert able the air turned to ice. She slide behind the drivers seat and closed the door.  Austin started to drive out of the driveway. Lana suddenly went cold when she noticed Tiffany wasn't in the passengers seat, a girl with red pin straight hair was, Amanda. " I'm' over here if you were wondering" Tiffany said cooly. Lana jumped because she hadn't realized anyone was next to her Tiffany was so quite. Then things got award. Lana just staired out the window at the passing houses. " Austin why did you pick Amanda up first I do live closer to you?" Tiffany frowned. She work skinny jeans with a sparkly crop top. Her hair was also straightned . Austin didn't reply. Amanda snickered from the front seat. What a bitch ! Lana thought and people told her Amanda was nice. Finally they made it to Victor's party. The music was so loud and people were dancing in the windows. Austin parked the car a few houses away. Lana unbuckled her seatbelt as fast as she could and walked right out of the car. Tiffany grabbed her arm and started laughing randomly " you're so funny Lana! " lana shot her a confused look and she shot me a look that said just do it. Lana knew what she was doing. Tiffany did this sometimes to get people jealous. She would show off to her enemies that she was having fun but she was probably hurting inside.  Lana started to giggle and we rushed inside leaving behind Austin and Amanda.

When we rang the door bell Victor came up to us with a bottle of beer in one hand and yelled " come on in your late"  we rushed in. Victor had a huge house 5 stories and an indoor hot tub.  His parents where most likely out of town and when they did leave it was always party central at his house.  Victor slung his arm around me and pulled me further into the crowd. Lana turned back to see Tiffany flirting with all of Austin's friends.  The house smelled of sweat and cigarettes. Victor steered me to the living room couch were a couple was kissing . " scram" he huffed at them. The slowly got up hand locked with each other.  I sat down and victor on the other side.  "This is some party "she  said. Victor to  a swig of his bear and slide closer to me. "Yea I invited the whole school" " how are you cleaning this up?  Aren't your parents going to freak?" She looked around soda cans and stains were all over the floor and the furniture. " I always hire someone to clean up before my parents return home"  " so tell me Lana you never attended a party of mine in months and whenever I want to hangout with you you always died me. He leaned in so close she could see the gold specks that glinted with excitement in his eyes. Lana smiled  " I guess I'm tried of being lonely and my no got a new job so she's rarely home like my dad. " Lana looked away she told home to such, but she moved closer to him. " well I for one am glad you came" he stared at my eyes and now we were right next to each other , shoulder to shoulder. " um Vic  we got some unwanted party guests " Jeff came out of the crowd panting. Victor cursed under his breath " excuse me Lana for one moment" "sure" Lana sighed. She had a feeling who the unwanted guests were, Charington South. Lana's school was Charington North. There was a lot of history and rivalry between school which always lead to fights and mean pranks. Lana remembered before she was a freshman at high school  the south raided the north's school and took the metal statute of a hawk that stood in the lobby. The hawk was never recovered or seen again. North was furious and the whole student body declared north was no longer aloud to associate with the south and the statue must be recovered at any cost. But there was something special about the the statue. Its beak opened and the opening lead into the hollow stomach of the statue and it's rumored that the seniors of that year put something in there so valuable that's why they never forgave them. But the key to open the beak has been lost for the past couple years . It's rumored why the south keeps on coming back again and again on North's property


Lana ditched the couch and made her way to the back porch. The cold air stung her eyes. She sat down on the rocking chair. Goose bumps formed all over. No one was out side because of the cold air but Lana liked the cold.

"Miranda you shouldn't be drinking" Lana slowly walked over to Miranda a freshman who was friends with Tiffany. She took the beer can out of her small hands. Miranda sat against the wooden rail of the porch and was staring at the wall. Even in the low light Lana saw Miranda's mascara running down her checks from her big green watery eyes. " I tried to be like Tiffany, all the guys love her. She told me that dating and relation ships were just games and how she was always in control". She sobbed. Lana akwardly later her on the back.  " I wasn't in control, I met some guy and he became a jerk and an ass" she wiped some tears from her eyes "I think I try to be like Tiffany to much"  Miranda started to sob. Lana thought when I find the jerk who hurt her he would pay.  "How long has this been going on?" " since this morning" she choked" "who hurt you?" I asked slowly " I can't say he said he would hurt me if anyone found out about the relationship" whoever this guy was he moved fast. Miranda looked completely wrecked and she's so innocent and nice. The relationship only lasted for a day and she's completely wrecked. Lana shivered , the guy who did this to Miranda must be completely heart less.

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