The Search

Lana has always felt abandoned and lonely. Her parents were never home and she only had one best friend.But Lana's world starts to turn upside down. When her cousins Jason and John comeback into her life. For the first time in forever she doesn't feel alone. But Jason and John's mom's boyfriend Darren wants them back home to live with him. Lana thinks the answer to their problems is a famous statue that belonged to the school. Only problem is that it's been missing for years. But soon find out there's way more to the mystery and danger than they expected. But how far will Lana go to ensure they'll stay with her or will she be abandoned yet again.


11. Jason from Italy


Jason stared out the guest room window as a black mustang pulled out of the driveway. He watched the girl walk into the house from the window wondering who she was. John was gone, he borrowed Lana's dad's car to drive around and explore he said he would be back later. He remembered flashes of playing as kids with Lana but not much. He put on his grey hoody And walked down the stairs. He was happy being back in america because back in Italy his mom would go out for the whole day with Darren her boyfriend and come back home wasted and mad which was everynight.

Jason stepped down the stairs into the kitchen and went to search for a can of soda in the fridge. Lana and the blonde girl was sitting at the kitchen table. The girl had blue piercing eyes and blonde wavy hair that framed her face. She was pretty Jason thought. Jason decided best to get out of Lana's way. Ever since he got here she's been distant. 

"Who's this Lana?" The girl smirked scanning me with her blue eyes. Jason froze.  He glanced at  Lana . 

" I'm Lana's cousin. I'm staying with her for awhile I just moved from Italy ." Jason said slowly. He sat down next to Lana sipping his coke.  Jason started to get nervous because out of the corner of his eye the girl was staring at him like he sprouted a third eye.

" I'm Tiffany" she gazed more deeply at me.

" Jason, nice meeting you, Lana I'm going to go around town" Jason got up slowly and headed for the door 

" call if you get lost" Lana glanced at me with worried eyes.


Jason wandered to the nearest McDonalds.

" i,all order a big Mac" I said to the cashier as I took out my wallet

"That's my favorite thing on the menu!" 

Jason turned startled by the voice. Standing in line behind him was a boy his height fairly muscular with short brown hair with  a strong booking face. His hands were folded and on one of his fists was a bandage on his knuckles.  Jason then noticed three more guys behind him. The guy that talked to him wore a North Charington sweatshirt. 

"North Charington, I'll be going there in a few days, I just moved from Italy"

"Nice you a sophomore?" The boy said 

"Yea you?"

"Yea, i,'m Victor, these are my friends" pointing to the guys behind him

"I'm Jason"


Jason sat with victor and his friends in a booth. They talked about sports and stuff. Jason was relived that he actually found some friends. 

"Do you guys know my cousin she goes to your school, Lana?"

 "Lana! Yea she's in a few of my classes in school, you two look very alike"

  " yea I've been told that a lot" Jason sighed



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