The 4 Sisters

When 4 sisters go to a One Direction concert. The boys pick them to sing. Niall, Louis, and Zayn fall in love with them.


2. Our Concert

We pull up and hand the guy out tickets. I'm and adventurer so I go to the top of the stadium and I look down. I just go exploring and I stumble by the dressing rooms. Ally and I play a little game of hide and seek. I check my phone and see that there's 10 minutes till show time. The guys walk right in front of me. Niall catches my eye and sings, "my hearts a stereo, it beats for you so listen close..." And he winks at me. I'm star struck. My mouth hangs open. "Hear my thoughts in every note. Oh oh..." I sing softly as I fix my glasses. I find Ally and we run back to our seats with Emma and Maddie. "... And he sang to me and winked!" I say excitedly. "He was checking YOU out! He must really like you!" Maddie says. "Well OF COURSE! HES THE HOTTEST ON THE PLANET! If he thinks a girl's hot, she must be REALLY, and EXTREMELY hot!" I reply.


"GOOD AFTERNOON, ATLANTA!" Harry yelled through the microphone. The girls all screamed. I waved at Niall and he saw me. Of course with my neon green shirt on. He winked and blew me a kiss. They finished singing "Kiss You" and they said they were gonna call girls up. They walked around the place and Niall picked me. Liam picked Emma, Zayn picked some fan, Louis picked Maddie, and Harry picked Ally. We were so nervous and we sang Little Things with them. I had a sweet voice and always liked singing. I was always a nervous wreck. So I sticked to painting. "If it's you, than it's you, it's you they add up to. I'm in love with you. And all your little things." We finished. The girls cheered and screamed. Niall winked at me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "You've really got me." He whispered in my ear. I fixed my glasses again. "Uh... Uuhh.." I said, "you've got me too." We went back to our seats and enjoyed the show.

*After the concert*

As we were leaving, Niall motioned to me. "I'll be back. Meet you at the car." I said running towards Niall. "C'mon!" He whispered. He led me to the bus and we went in. He took his sort off. "I don't think you mind, Right?"

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