The 4 Sisters

When 4 sisters go to a One Direction concert. The boys pick them to sing. Niall, Louis, and Zayn fall in love with them.


1. Ally, Piper, Maddie, and Emma.

Piper's POV

"Good morning!" I say to everyone. I'm piper, the almost tomboy. I'm only 17. Emma's the youngest, 15. Maddie is 16 and Ally is 18. All perfect. One year apart. Of course every morning, I'm the first to wake up and then Emma. "Good morning, Piper!" Says Emma in a cheerful voice. "You ready?!" She asks. "For wh- Oh... YES!" I say super excited. Today is THE day! Our concert. I plop back into bed. "But that's tonight." I say, "I wanna go back to sleep. Wake me up in an hour." I say to Emma. "Ok. I'll go to the living room." She says skipping to the living room.

Emma's POV

I make a small breakfast for me and turn the TV on. "Ugh, stupid news!" I say. I flip until I see MTV. "Ooohh! Yay! Generation Cryo!" I cheer. This has been my favourite show since it has started. Ally walks in all sleepy eyed and scratching her back and yawning. "Good morning, Sunshine." She says to me. "Good morning, Al!" I say. I get bored of the tv and go to my room again I check my iPhone and get a text from Lexy. "Hey. Jordan asked me out. I'm freaking out!" "Shut up. JORDAN?! AS IN JORDAN MILLER?! He's the hottest guy in the whole district!! Better get yourself all dolled up!" I text back.


Piper's POV

"We leave in TWO HOURS!" I instruct everybody. I grab my cute neon green shirt. I get my make up bag and put some lip stick on. It's not too bright and not to clear. It's light pink. I get my mascara and my eye liner on and apply it. I straighten my hair and Emma curls it lightly.

We get in the car and drive to the concert, blasting One Direction out the windows

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