The Double L Project

(Sequel to Paris with... One direction PWOD) The new girlfriend of louis and it's not Eleanor and sweet Ella is gonna make Louis drool all over her! New year New her,no more sweet soft Ella now it's time for a different Ella the other side of Ella


1. The New Girlfriend

Louis Pov

My new girlfriend is Danielle since Ella doesn't want to give me a chance then time for a new girlfriend. "Meet Danielle my NEW GIRLFRIEND well we better get going because we have a DATE so bye-bye" that felt so good

Ella's pov

I cant believe that dooche bag but new year new me so me and my girls are gonna SHOP TILL WE DROP!!! So going to so many stores my feet are about to expire. I just ran into my hotel room and jumped on my new bed like i was flying but of course my phone rang and it kept ranging so i decided to answer "Hello" "hey Ella it's me Zayn can you come over here i have to tell you something important" "Zayn can you pleeeeeaaaasssssseee come over here because i just went shopping with the girls and so tired!!" "okay" in only 20 minutes heard a ding dong at the door and saw a red,teary eyed zayn "MY BABY ZAYN WHAT HAPPENED" "Pe-erie b-broke up wi-ith me" "come in my Zaynieboo" i led him to my bed upstairs and let him lay his head down on my lap he later on fell asleep and so did i having the most amazing dream!


"And Zayn Malik do you take Ella Johnson as your lawfully wedded wife" " I do" "then you may kiss the bride" it felt like i was in heaven his lips against mine felt soft and smooth like silk when he pulled away he look in my eyes and everybody started cheering Ella "Ella,ella,ELLA!"

We ended up watching lion king because uh it's AWESOME SAUCE "yeah" we ended up on the couch with sour patch kids,gummy worms,chocolate m&m's and popcorn. At the part when the dad died out of the corner of my eye i saw a tear come out of his eye. "Are you crying" "no i just got something in my eye." "Hahaha your so silly". I laid my head down in his lap and he looked in my eye's and i looked in his. He slowly leaned in and BAM the doorbell rings! "Uggggghhhh" he chuckled slightly and slapped my bum while i jumped because i was surprised so i jumped. And guess who was at the door!

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