Nialls Little Sister

Niall brings Monica on tour with him. Will one of the boys fall for her? In this Payzer are married and Zerrie is broken up. And will there be surprise fights? Will there be surprise guests? Find out here in Nialls Little Sister


28. What?!

Lacy's Pov

Ok. Britney showed me her breakup song for her ex-Jeramy ya. It's really good. And I also have news. I met this boy at the coffee shop. StarBucks and his name is Benjamin but he likes to be called Ben. He's cute. Really really cute. Liam got to meet him yesterday. Liam said he likes him and that he trusts him to treat me right. And the girls and the others have met him to. Breanna said that if he hurts me to let her know. And she'll break every bone in his body. Mickey and Monica agreed. Anyway we've been dating for about I would say 6 months now. Our 6 month anniversary was 4 weeks ago. He remembered. Everyone is so happy. But that changed today. Hatred filled the air. I'm worried something's gonna happen

Mickeys pov

Why is there hatred filling the air??? I'm so confused. We were all happy and cheery yesterday but today was. Different. Everyone exchanged death glares. Except for me, Lacy, Monica, Faith, Dani, Amber, Karen, Destinee, Luke, Ashton, and Britney. But the others looked pissed. So we went to talk to them. "Guys. What is up?! Your sending eachother death glares and we are sick of it!! Tell us why. Or else your not leaving." I said. "ITS YOU!!!! YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS SO HAPPY AND CHEERY AND WERE SICK OF IT!!" Oh shit. They're drunk. Except for Luke. He's not doing anything but being quiet. "Guys. Your scaring Karen, Lacy and Destinee. It needs to stop. Now." Monica said. She pregnant and she shouldn't be dealing with this.

Luke's pov

I'm keeping quiet. I'm not gonna say a word. I'm so scared something's gonna happen. That something's gonna happen to my Karen. Oh. My life would be a mess without her. I love her to death. "Guys" I squeaked out "Can you stop doing this? It's the third time this week. Your scaring them to death. Just stop" I managed to say so everyone could hear. Niall Liam and Zayn's faces softened a little. But Harry and Calum looked furious. "Karen. Come here." I said and she snuggled to my chest. "I'm scared Lukey." "I know Kare I know." Man. I wish they'd just shut up.

-A few hours later-

Ashton's pov

"Whyd you act like that??? You scared the girls. You scared my Lacy. My baby. Why?!" Man. They need to learn to be less mean to eachother. God. "Well. It started when I... When I saw Calum and Amber together and I got really mad. So I got even by hanging out with Faith. And that's why we acted like we did." Harry said "Babe you know is never leave you. Ever."Amber said "I know. I'm really really sorry Ambs" "Calum. Babe. I'd never ever leave you. You know that." "Ya. I'm truly sorry baby." "Guys. Keep it rated PG-13 please!! We have little people in the room" Mickey of course said "Sorry!!" "We good now?" "Yes." Glad that's over.

Taylor's pov


Breannas pov

Ok. That was just wow.

Monica's pov

Well. That was.. Intresting

Karens pov

Luke is such a good cuddler

Ambers pov

Harry is a retard. My retard

Faiths pov

Calum is a teddy bear

Nialls pov

I just scared people

Zayn's pov

That was a stupid fight. Calum and Harry are stupid

Liam's pov

Fighting is stupid

Destinees pov

Well. My bro has mental issues

Louis's pov

I swear sometimes they're blondes

Dani's pov

My husband is weird

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