Nialls Little Sister

Niall brings Monica on tour with him. Will one of the boys fall for her? In this Payzer are married and Zerrie is broken up. And will there be surprise fights? Will there be surprise guests? Find out here in Nialls Little Sister


8. Today's the day we meet the families

Faiths pov

So as you know I'm pregnant. And we went to get Altra sound done and I'm having a girl and a boy. So we're letting the girls decide. " Hey what's the baby's name gonna be?" Asked Zayn. "Trever and Mandy" Louis said "Your having twins..." Monica asked "yes w-" "AHHHHHHHHHHH" some little girl said "I'm gonna be an auntie" she said again "Louis who is this?" "Oh ya Faith this is Destinee she's my 14 year old sister." "Hi nice to meet you" Destinee said " I can't wait to get to meet everyone else!" Destinee said "Louis what does Destinee mean?" "Well babe were meeting the other sisters" Louis said "Oh ok" I said oh this gonna be along month.

Lacy's pov

So today I get to meet everyone. But I'm most excited to see Liam again!! "Lacy!!" "Coming da-LIAM!!!!!!!" "LACY!!!!" "Girls and guys this is Lacy my 13 year old sister." "Hey I'm Destinee I'm 14" "I'm guessing by your personality your Louis's sister?" "Yep that's me" "Hey wanna go in my room and we can give makeovers? And Danielle Monica and Taylor and Amber you wanna come to so I can get to know you all" "TOTALLY!!" So we gave off. Makeovers and it was AMAZAYN!! And to be honest I did pretty damn good! "Well?" "I love it Lacy!!" "Thanks Destinee by the way call me cupcake!" "Ok cupcake and you call me cookie!" "Haha ok cookie!" And then we all became part of the BFF club!

Karens pov

So today it's my turn to meet the boys I'm excite!! "Karebare!!" "ZAYNIE!!" "Karebare meet the boys and girls!" "Hey girls should we go FANGIRL?" "Yep!!" "By the way Karen" "Call me Karebare" "I'm Destinee but call me cookie And I'm Lacy but call me cupcake!" "Ok the cookie and cupcake!" And from then on we became apart of the BFF club!!

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