Nialls Little Sister

Niall brings Monica on tour with him. Will one of the boys fall for her? In this Payzer are married and Zerrie is broken up. And will there be surprise fights? Will there be surprise guests? Find out here in Nialls Little Sister


3. I thought you were together already

So I took the girls on a shopping spree and we spent like 2,000 dollars and that's all. Anyway Faith was telling us that she and Louis are a couple and got together last night. We were jumping with joy because they make a good couple. I told the girls that I was abused by my ex Max and his friends. They're famous now. And I'm afraid that I'll run into them while I'm on tour with the boys cause all hell will break lose. "Faith I thought you and Louis were already together" "Ya we were till Hannah his ex was 'making out' with him so we took a break for a while and we got back together last night" "interesting" We got back and uh oh boy was I in for a surprise. "Hey I'm Amber Harry's girlfriend you must be Monica the boys have told me a lot about you" "Ambs it's me Monic remember high school?" "Omg AHHHHHHH" then she attacked me in a hug " I didn't reconise you until you reminded me look at you! You look fablouis as always!" "O ya Amber this is Faith,Taylor,and Danielle girls this is Amber I was her BFF in high school." "Hey welcome to the BFF club!!" They said alright then. I guess I have a club now. And all the boys are my bffs so I guess that's um ok. That's not the uh oh the uh oh was I saw Nathan and he wanted to talk to me and I said being the idiot I and ok. "You look sexy" "what the fuck do you want?!" "You" "Nope yo-" he crashed his lips into mine, shoved me in his car and raped me!! Or Max did and they took me to where they live witch is right down the street and raped me again and FORCED ME to suck they're dicks and give them lap dances and on top of that they touched me inappropriate y and I had to enjoy and moan. It was DISCUSTING!!!! "When will you stop?!" "When-we-want-to-mmmmm you tast amazing!!" "Get off me jackass!!" I kicked and screamed until everything went black! I woke up in a room I think. "You alright babe?" I know that accent "ZAYN!!" O boy I'm glad to see you!" "The Wanted are in jail cause well they took the other girls so we got them called the police and now they're in jail for 25 years" thank god! "I love you" "I love you to!"

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