Dear Cassidy

Cassidy Tomlinson is a 16 year old girl, with a bit of sass in her. Her & her brother Louis haven't seen each other in years , ever since he moved away from the family. But one day when she gets a job offer to surf professionally she moves to Los Angles , California right away. 16 year old girl all alone in a new high school , 4 hour surf practice each morning from 2am-6am , but what happens when she moves into a house with, ROOMMATES ?


8. school

Louis POV

shit, its cassidy's first day of school.. i walk down the hall to her door and lightly knock, "wake up cass" she rubs her face and sits up in bed looking over at me. "what?" she says, "first day of school hon" she suddenly gasps getting out of bed, "shit" she says, "be down in 30" she says/ "ok" i walk down and look at all the boys eating breakfast, i forgot we all have school. "are there her classes?" Liam asks holding up the blue thick sheet of paper. "yea" i nod getting some milk. "she has good classes" says niall.

Cassidy POV

fuck i need to be ready as fast as possible. i throw on a quick outfit and fix my hair into a messy bun. ( i jog downstairs and see all of the guys sitting there eating, i grab an apple and sit down with them. "so ready?" Zayn says, "yerp" i say.  im a junior and they are all seniors!!!! but i have classes with some of them because im a fucking genius hahah.

classes ;

honnors biology




AP history

AP dutch

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