Dear Cassidy

Cassidy Tomlinson is a 16 year old girl, with a bit of sass in her. Her & her brother Louis haven't seen each other in years , ever since he moved away from the family. But one day when she gets a job offer to surf professionally she moves to Los Angles , California right away. 16 year old girl all alone in a new high school , 4 hour surf practice each morning from 2am-6am , but what happens when she moves into a house with, ROOMMATES ?


2. a little about me .

Cassidy's POV

Well I guess I should describe myself. I'm Cassidy Tomlinson. I'm 16 years old & go to Bridgway High School in Doncaster. What do I like ? Well first of all my life revolves around the water & my surf board. I've surfed every place in the world. It's my overall passion, but sadly I can only go on weekends now because I live in Doncaster not Australia. I live with my mom & two sisters, Lottie & Phoebe. My brother Louis, he moved away a few years ago, he decided there wasn't much with our family & he got in a huge fight with mom & he just moved away to California. We used to surf together all the time, after he left I didn't surf for a whole year. I was only 13 he was 15 . He hasn't called me or texted me, the only time he ever called me was on my birthday last year. I was so happy. But now I miss him everyday. I just. Idk. Well that's me pretty much. I'm 5'3" & I weight 100lbs. I have tan skin , light brown longish wavy hair & bright blue/green eyes. I model for surf magazine & i have a best friend, Macy & a crush on a boy named Luke. I'm one of the most popular girls in school but I'm nothing close to a slutty bitch or whatever. So yea that's who I am, here is one of my model photos. 


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