My dream is possible ~Gosh (Union J) *sequel*

George and Josh closed the chapter about Mason after he went to jail. Now that they are together for almost 2 years, they are moving in together. But there is someone who tries to ruin their life. The person wants revenge. But revenge for what?


10. || 10

Josh POV

I look up at the man and see that he has a plate with food again. He hands it to me and looks at me. 

"Are you okay?" He asks quietly. I frown and slowly nod. Why would he care if I'm alright or not? "Just to calm you, I'm not like them. They tricked me, I won't hurt you or anything" He whispers. I nod and he turns around to walk out of the room. 

I sigh and try to move a bit, but it hurts like hell! I sit back the same way as I did before and slowly start eating the dry slice of  bread. I look at the screen and see that nothing is moving in the house. George and Cadee are probably gone then. 

I see that there is a big, black bag standing in the room, next to the door. I slowly try to get up, and with a lot of pain, I somehow manage to get to the bag. I open it and see a lot of clothes in it. I start rummaging through it and find out that they are my own clothes. 

I look down at the clothes that I'm wearing and see that they are all dirty and there is even some blood on it. Where did that come from? 

I pull up my shirt and look at my stomach, which has a cut on it which is as big as an inch. How did I not notice that?

I pull the shirt over my head and grab a sweater out of the bag. I slip it on and grab some sweats to change into. 

I walk back towards the mattress and sit down. I sigh and look at the door. It opens and a big man walks in. 

"Come with me" He says harshly. He must be new, his voice is so deep that you would almost think that it's fake.

I get up and wince. I walk to him and he grabs my arms. He pulls me out of the room and throws me in another one. The other man, who isn't nice, is standing there with a dirty smirk on his face. 

"Here he is, David, just don't kill, that's not fun. He needs to feel the pain" The big man says to the other one, probably named David. 

David nods and signs that the other guy needs to get out. He walks out of the room, closes the door and it sounds like he locks it. 

"Okay, so, you can choose. Easy way or hard way?" David says. I turn around and look up at him. I don't say anything. "I asked you something! Answer me!" He shouts. I flinch and gulp. 

"easy?" I say quietly, but it sounds more like a question. He nods and signs that I have to sit down at the chair, which is standing in the middle of the room. I look at it, but don't move. 

"Sit down!" He shouts. I bite my lip and slowly make my way over to the chair. I sit down and I look up at David. He grabs some ropes and wants to tie me to the chair again. I try to move my arms and legs away from him but he grabs them and slaps me. "Don't struggle, or it will be even worse" He growls. 

I still don't listen to him and I stand up. Because of that, the chair falls back and David looks at me with a small smile. 

"So, you think you can handle me?" he says, teasingly. I don't move, nor say anything. His fist goes back and flies towards my face, but I step back, so he doesn't touch me. I kick his back, so he falls over. He cradles back up and looks at me with a death glare. If looks could kill, I would be so freaking dead by now. 

He runs to me, trying to hit me and kick me, but it doesn't work. I dodge all of it, but he doesn't. I hit him too, but he doesn't dodge it. He falls to the ground and I see that he has a bleeding nose. Suddenly I can hear the door open. I turn around and see the big man standing there. He sees Davind lying on the ground and looks over at me. He runs to me and grabs me. I try to fight out of his arms, but he is too strong for me. He pulls me back to the room where I was in before and throws me to the ground. He closes the door and I get back up. 

Wow, that had gone pretty good. Well, I guess I'm going to be in a hell lot of trouble. I walk to the mattress and sit down. I look at the tv and I see that Cadee is asleep in her bed and George is in the living room with a guy. 

Who is that? I've never seen him before?

George grabs two blankets and hands one to the other guy. He sits down on the couch and they look at each other. The guy wraps an arm around George and he snuggles up to him. 

Ouch, right in my heart. Is he replacing me already? I thought he loved me!

I lie down on the mattress with my back facing the tv. I close my eyes to keep the tears from falling. Sadly, it doesn't help. I try to hold my sobs back, just so the other guys won't hear me. I say like that for quite awhile, just bawling my eyes out. 

When I turn back, I see that the film they were watching, is finished. They get up and walk to the hallway. Well, at least they didn't kiss. That's a good thing.

George opens the door and the guy looks at him. Wow, he isn't going to do what I think he-......yup, he did. He kissed my freaking boyfriend! 

More tears are streaming down my face and right now I can't hold the sobs back. They escape my mouth and I can even hear an echo somewhere. I gasp and place my hands over my mouth. 

I never thought I would see George kissing someone else. It isn't like he's cheating. He thinks we broke up, but still. He has a new freaking toy after two freaking days! 

I look back at the screen, even though I can't see that much because my sight is all blurry because of the tears. I wipe them away and see that is still standing in the hallway, looking down at his feet. He always does that when something happened to him that he isn't sure if it was good or not. Maybe he doesn't like that guy and maybe he isn't replacing me? 

He walks back into the living room and tidies it up a little. After that he walks upstairs and I see him walking into Cadee's room. It looks like she's crying. He picks her up and talks to her. He walks out of the room with her and walks into our own room. He lies her down on my side of the bed and she cuddles up to my pillow. George walks out and a little while later he walks back in. He gets in bed and goes to sleep. 

This is so weird. It feels like I'm spying on  him, which is what I'm actually doing. It feels so wrong. But I just want to know what he is doing, now that I can't take care of him and I can't pretect him. It breaks my heart that I can only see him through a tv screen. I can't hold him, kiss him, touch him, hug him, nothing. 

And then my little baby girl. The way she hugged the pillow, the way she looked at the guy. A look full of hate. I've never seen such a hatefull face on a child before. But she's probably so sad that I'm not there. I was always around. I've never had that I didn't see her one single time on a day. 

I just want to be there for them. But I can't. Because these freaking faggots kidnapped me! They are ruining my freaking life! And didn't do anything, anything to make them do something like this! They broke into my house, they placed camera's all over the place. They infringed my privacy! Our privacy! It all makes sense now why George felt so weird around the house, why creepy things were happening. They were there, they were in our house, installing camera's and we didn't even caught them. 

I get up and start hitting and kicking the wall. Tears are streaming down my face again and I roughly wipe them away, but it doesn't mind one bit, because fresh tears are streaming down already. The door opens again and David is standing in the doorway. He walks to me with a smirk on his face. 

Can this day get any worse?!

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