My dream is possible ~Gosh (Union J) *sequel*

George and Josh closed the chapter about Mason after he went to jail. Now that they are together for almost 2 years, they are moving in together. But there is someone who tries to ruin their life. The person wants revenge. But revenge for what?


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Here it is! The first part of the sequel!! yay! Thanks for reading this! 
I'm actually writing this on New Years Eve, when I should've been partying, but I love you guys so much, I just needed to upload the first one ;) 



George POV

 "Josh! Come on, we need to get everything in the house soon, it's starting to rain already!" I shout at him. 

We are now moving into our new house. We just bought one in the outer regions of London. Today we are moving in, the three of us. Josh, me and Cadee. 

"Yeah, I'm coming!' says Josh. He walks to me and helps me carry everything inside. 


Hours later everything is inside, but it's still all in boxes and lying everywhere around the room. Josh and I are sitting on the couch, which is standing in the middle of the living room. 

"Ugh, I'm hungry and tired" I whine. 

"Me too, let's just go to McDonalds or something." says Josh. I nod and we get up. "Cadee, come here, we're going to McDonalds" Cadee comes running into the room and Josh picks her up. 

Cadee is 2 years old now and she is the cutest girl ever. She really is like a daughter to me, she even calls me daddy! But still, Josh is her one and only real dad. Nothing can change that. 

We hop into the car and soon enough we reach McDonalds. We just go to the Drive Through, so we can eat the food at home. 

Josh orders the food and we drive further to the next window. A little while later the girl hands us the food. 

"Happy meal!" squeals Cadee. We laugh and we drive back to the house. We walk to the kitchen table and I put Cadee in her feeding chair. I hand her her Happy Meal and we all start eating. Well, Josh and I eat, Cadee just plays with her food. 


"I'm so tired" Josh says when he comes back from Cadee. 

"Me too, let's just go to sleep" I say, getting up to go to the bedroom. 

"Where are you going? We need to sleep on the couch, we don't have a bed. We need to make it tomorrow" Josh says. 

"Owh yeah" I say, walking back to the couch. 

We both change into some basketball shorts and Josh lies down on the couch. I grab a blanket and he pulls me on top of him. He wraps his arms around me and I wrap the blanket around us. I kiss Josh and lie down next to him. I lie my head on his bare chest and close my eyes. 

"I love you" I whisper. 

"I love you too" Josh says and he kisses my head. We both fall asleep.

**** Next morning ****

"Daddy!!" Cadee screams. I open my eyes and look up at Josh. He yawns and gets up to go get Cadee. 

"What's wrong, cupcake?" I can hear Josh say. I grab my phone to see that it's 8 AM. Josh walks into the room again, carrying Cadee. "Let's make some breakfast" 

I follow them into the kitchen and I grab the bread and nutella. That are also the only things we have. 

"We really need to buy food and stuff" I say when I put everything on the kitchen table. 

"Yeah, I'll go after breakfast, okay? Then I take Cadee with me and maybe you can open some boxes or anything. And in the afternoon we can put the bed together." he says. I nod and eat some bread. 

"I really love this place." I say and I grab Josh his hand over the table. I smile at him. 

"Me too, but that's mostly because I live here with the 2 people I love the most." he says, looking at me and Cadee. Cadee is looking at us with Nutella all over her face, trying to figure out what we're talking about. I shake my head, while laughing and I get up to grab a towel. I clean her face and sit down again. 


After breakfast Josh and Cadee went away for groceries and now I'm sitting in the living room with a box in front of me. I open it and look at the stuff in it. It's mostly pictures and stuff to make the house look a little more like a home. 

I close it again and decide to start with the stuff for Cadee's room. And believe me, that's a load. I walk upstairs with one of the many boxes and start getting everything out of it. 


When one box is empty, I can hear the front door open. A few seconds later I can hear Cadee shout. 

"Daddy, where are you?!" 

"In your room!" I shout back. I can hear someone walking up the stairs, probably Josh, and Cadee comes running into the room. She runs to me and hugs me. 

"Hey cupcake, I got your toys" I say to her. She sits down on the ground beside me and starts to play with her dolls. I get up and see that Josh is standing in the doorway. I walk to him and peck his lips. He wraps his arms around my waist and looks at Cadee. 

We walk towards our room and we see the parts of the bed all around the room. 

"Okay, let's make the bed!" He shouts and I laugh. 


2 Hours later we sit and sit down on the bed. 

"Finally" i exclaim. I lie down on my back and Josh does the same. He rolls on top of me and leans on his arms. 

"This is the place where the magic happens" He whispers and winks. I laugh and he kisses me passionately. 

When we pull back, he rolls off of me. 

"Come on, let's get downstairs, there is way more to tidy up." I say. We get up and walk downstairs into the living room. 


"I'm going to make diner, okay?" Josh says when most of the boxes are empty. 

"Okay, just make sure that you don't burn the house down" i say. 

"ha ha ha, funny" He mutters and walks into the kitchen. I quietly laugh and sit down on the couch.

20 Minutes later I walk upstairs to Cadee her room. She is still sitting on the floor with her toys.

"Cadeeeeee, do you like your new room?" I ask when I sit down on a chair.  She nods and runs to me. She cradles on my lap and looks at me. 

"Diner is ready!" Shouts Josh from downstairs. I get up and put Cadee on my hip. We walk downstairs into the kitchen and I put her in her feeding chair. I sit down and look into the pan. 

"Wow, it actually looks good" I say, surprised. 

"Yup, and it tastes even better" Josh says, winking. 

"Sure" I mutter. I put some food in all of our plates and I slowly start eating. "Oh god, this tastes amazing!" 

"I know, I can actually cook, unlike you" he says, smirking. 

"Shut up, last time you tried to make pizza, you almost burned your house down!" i say. 

"Touché" he says. We laugh and eat our food. 


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