stole my heart forever !! new

this is a story about 3 best friends Isabel Charlotte and Holly who live a relatively normal life but that all changes when they take a trip to Mullingar and meet a special someone


2. trip to mullingar !

Isabels pov:

we packed our suitcases and bags into the back of Holly's car. We set of Holly was driving I was in the passenger seat and Charlotte in the back we stopped of at the closest shop and brought some alcohol and something to eat we didn't buy much alcohol because we didn't want to be to drunk  on the ferry. We had One Direction half a heart blasting in the car and me and Charlotte were having a Smirnoff ice. However Holly wasn't obviously because she was driving we were on the motorway cars where going past giving us funny looks. Isabel winded the window down.

"do you mind staring god!!"  Isabel said

we all burst out laughing it was so funny we speeded of in front of the car we were all singing and shouting when we arrived at the ferry department we ate most of the food and all the drinks were gone.

"yeah its alright guys don't leave me a drink!" Holly said

Me and Charlotte just burst out laughing. We showed our tickets and got on the ferry and we wet to sleep. I woke up to the sound of Holly and Charlotte shouting in my face.

"right chill out guys !"I said

we got the car and started the last part of the journey we were pretty tired so me and Charlotte fell asleep. When we woke up we were outside of the hotel the hotel was beautiful. We where staying in a 5 star hotel our rooms where next to each other we where all on the 3rd floor we went into my room first to check it out. When we got inside the luxury sweet I had a king-sized bed and a amazing view. When the girls went into their rooms I unpacked by suitcase by now it was 6:00 we were planning to go out at seven so I started to get ready I put on my short tight pink dress and my sparkly black high heels I put some light curls in my hair and did my make up and nails I grabbed my clutch bag and went to Charlottes room.i knocked on the door.

"its Isabel !"I said

"come in !" she said

I walked in she looked stunning. She had a blue tight short sparkly dress on with a black bag and blue sparkly heels.

"wow you look amazing !" I said

"so do you !" Charlotte said

we went t get Holly from her room and headed of to the club.

(leave your comments please sorry its short the next chapter is going to be much better and has a good story line )

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