stole my heart forever !! new

this is a story about 3 best friends Isabel Charlotte and Holly who live a relatively normal life but that all changes when they take a trip to Mullingar and meet a special someone


3. mystery man !

Isabel's pov:

we got to the first club

"do you think we should go in here?" I asked

"yeah looks good !" Holly replied

 When we got into the club it was so busy the music was really loud and there where bright lights shining everywhere.

"this is going to be good !" I said running (or doing the best I can in my high heels) I ordered a round of shots for us three.

"hear you go get these drank !" I said handing the drinks to the girls. we downed our drinks and sat at the bar we got some more drinks and by the time 30 minutes had passed we were all drunk.

"do you think you will find any boys tonight ?"Charlotte asked shouting over the music

"hopefully !"Holly said we all laughed. Holly and Charlotte had went to the toilet and I was just dancing on my own I got a drink downed it and carried on dancing. Then I suddenly felt some warm arms wrap round my waste I could feel the hot  breath on my shoulder I could smell aftershave he put his cheek on mine it was so soft he  I looked round and saw the face of the mystery man.I was  so shocked I couldn't believe my eyes I was frozen I couldn't talk or move I couldn't help but stare into his beautiful blue eyes they were so beautiful.

"you want to get a drink ?" he questioned I loved his accent.

I couldn't speak I needed to desperately I was frozen I was just staring into his wonderful blue eyes

"!!" I said finally managing to get my words out

he grabbed my hand and we walked towards the bar.

"so what do you want to drink then ?" he said

"ur...urm...anything!"I stammered

he ordered 2 drinks and we went to sit down we sat in a little cornered booth.

"hi I'm niall! "he said in his adorable Irish accent

"um..yeah ino ahah !" I said laughing

"haha fan then ?"niall said

"yeah a huge fan !"I said

"okay great now enough about me whats your name ?"he questioned


we continued to talk and then we went back to a hotel. When I woke up I had a really bad headache I wondered round the room it looked familiar.

"you okay!" niall asked

"omg it wasn't a dream !"I said

I didn't know what to do ...he gave me a glass off water and some tablets

"headache?" he said

"yeah thanks where are we it looks familiar !"I said

"its my hotel room!" he said

I couldn't believe we were staying in the same hotel as one direction argh !

me and niall chatted and he gave me my number.

"im so sorry niall I have to go I have to find my friend I left them last night I need to see if they are okay im so sorry !" I said I didn't want to leave but I knew I had to.

"its okay text me ? yeah !"niall said

"of course !"I said

Coming out of the hotel room I gave niall a kiss on the cheek. I went to Charlottes room and opened the door.

"thank god your okay !" Charlotte screamed relived whilst hugging me we sat down on the bed

"your not mad are you ?" I asked

"no of course not but what have you been doing ?" she asked

"you wont believe this I met niall horan !!" I said excitedly

"no way!" she said

"no joke!" I replied

we fangirled then calmed down. I went to my own room and took the piece of paper out of my pocket and put nialls number in my phone .I was so exited !!

(what do you guys think of this chapter?)

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