stole my heart forever !! new

this is a story about 3 best friends Isabel Charlotte and Holly who live a relatively normal life but that all changes when they take a trip to Mullingar and meet a special someone


1. shopping trip surprise !!

Isabel's pov:


I'm Isabel just a normal girl from London I have 2 best friends Charlotte and Holly we love one direction.

Charlotte: hey where you at ?x

me: river island

Charlotte : okay meet me and Holly in MacDonald's in 5 mins :p x

me: okay see you there ! x

charlotte: bye x

me: seya x

As I stumbled out of river island in my cream high heels ,blue skinny jeans and a cream blouse I made by way to MacDonald's with all of my bags. I got through the door and saw Charlotte and Holly I ordered a latte and sat down next to Holly .They looked happy.

"what's happened ?" I asked

" well us 3 are taking a trip to Mullingar !" Charlotte said

"omg really !" I said jumping up and down screaming

. Everyone was looking at us we sat back down in the corner near the window.

"wow i'm so exited!"I stated.

 once I had finished my latte we went to new look to look for some outfits for our trip I picked out a short tight pink strapless dress with a black clutch bag and some 6" sparkly high heels I tried it on and went to the till to buy it. After that we decided to get back I was driving we all put our bags in my white Audi TT. I guess my parents were kind of rich I dropped Charlotte of and Holly and I went to mine as Charlotte had to go to her nanas. Holly helped me pack my suitcase because we were going in 2 days I was so exited. I put in my new outfits I bought from New Look, River Island and Primark. My suitcase was bright pink we were talking Holly's Range Rover because my car was too small. We ordered a pizza and some chips and watched a movie ( one direction this is us ).

"omg omg how fit is zayn !" Holly said

"not as beautiful as niall !" I replied

we argued (jokingly) about which one we liked the best. We woke up in the morning so confused we must have fallen asleep! we sat in my room staring around at the one direction posters on the wall.

"lets ring Charlotte she must be back by now its 11:30 !" I said getting my iPhone out and rang her

( m = me C=Charlotte)

m: hey where are you


m :ok you want to come round mine I'm with holly

c: yeah I'll be round in 10 minute's

m: okay seya

c: bye

when Charlotte arrived we decided to go into town and watch a movie. We all got into Charlottes white BMW and drove into town when we got to the cinema we bought our ticket's, drink and popcorn and entered the room and found our seats it was around half way through and we had a popcorn fight at the end of the film the lights got turned on and there was popcorn everywhere the cleaners came in and we just ran out ! we went into costa to get a coffee.

"so are you's all ready for tomorrow ?" Holly asked

"yep!" me and Charlotte said together we laughed.

We were taking a ferry so that we could take the car with us we were driving to the ferry departure and then to Mullingar after the ferry ride!

"erm 8:30am !" Holly said

we got back to the car and drove down we went through the kfc drive through and set of home. "so what time are we setting off I said


(# please leave your comments of what you think and if you want to be in the story thanks #)

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