Harry is the guy. He's the one I need, but unfortunately for me, the one he needs in Jess, my bestfriend. I feel so guilty but I can't help but fall for him, am I just kidding myself or does he feel the same way?..


3. The Morning After.

I woke up to him kissing me, “Good morning beautiful!” he said, I smiled “Good morning!” “You’re wearing my top” he said smiling like a child, “I was cold!” I said. “You look good in my top, you should wear them more often” he smiled cheekily, I laughed “You wish!” I said kissing his nose. He pulled me off of the bed pulling his top off me and putting it on, looking at my body, I tried to cover my stomach with my hands but he took them and pulled me towards him kissing me “you don’t need to cover yourself from me, I think you’re beautiful” he said touching me and kissing me, I blushed. “So, you promised me that you would go to the cinema with me” he said  kissing my forehead, “did I now?” I said giggling. “Yeah, you know, when you kissed me last night?” I blushed, “Oh yeah” I said looking down embarrassed. “Today?” he muttered to me shyly, I cupped his cheeks “You are so cute! Yes of course today!” I whispered and kissed him. He looked at me “You know when you said cute, y-you meant hot right?” he said funnily, “Don’t even get me started on how hot you are” I said fanning myself with my hand sarcastically, he laughed and kissed my hand. Then I remembered, Jess, Harry, I need to find my phone, I let go of his hand a picked up my clothes, dressing myself quickly, “

What’s wrong?!” he said anxiously, “Uh, nothing, I just need to find my phone” I said looking around the room, “I’m gonna look downstairs” I said running out the door and down the stairs, I finally found it after looking for about 15 minutes, I tried to turn it on, shit! It’s out of battery. I ran over to Axl, kissed him, “I’ll see you later, call me” I said and then ran home, I opened my front door to find my brother standing by the phone, “Hey” he said to me, “Hey Lou, sorry I don’t really have time to talk right now” I said running up the stairs, him following me “So, did you have fun at the party then?” he said as I was looking for my phone charger, “Uh, yeah it was fun” I said, not really listening to him, I finally found the charger and plugged it in, waiting for it to turn on, “Yeah, I heard you had fun” he said annoyingly, “uh what?” I mumbled back at him, I heard you had lots of fun, with lots of people” he said with his arms crossed leaning against my wall, “Wait, what? What did you hear?!” “You had sex with two guys! What is wrong with you?!” he said worriedly, “I DID WHAT?!” I yelled “WHO SAID THAT TO YOU?!” “So it’s true?” he snapped at me, “NO! IT’S NOT TRUE!” by now I was completely oblivious that my phone was on and I had 15 texts and 7 missed calls. “Well my mate Liam told me that you had sex at his mate Jack’s party” he said to me, “WHAT THE FUCK, WHO THE FUCK IS LIAM?!” I screamed. “He said he saw you going upstairs with some guy and leaving kissing him this morning and he saw a fight between this couple who broke up saying that you slept with him!!!” he firmly took my wrist and looked so disappointed, I started crying, “I didn’t sleep with anyone! I-I just k-kissed Axl and Harry was staring at m-me and Jess j-j-just jumped to conclusions and now she hates me and I lost my best friend and now everyone thinks I’m a slut !” I sobbed, he hugged me, “Okay, okay, its fine, I can sort this, babe, don’t cry” he whispered hugging me, we sat on my bed for 10 minutes hugging don’t cry babe, don’t cry” he whispered hugging me, we sat on my bed for 10 minutes hugging, I felt so protected by my big brother, he will help me fix it. He left my room saying that he was going to set the record straight.


I had a shower to calm myself down, I got out and dried myself and got dressed drying my hair and leaving it natural putting a beanie on, I wore some denim high waisted shorts with a white turtle neck vest crop top and my navy blue hoodie, I put on some light make up and some peace sign stud earrings, I laid on my bed thinking about everything and then remembered my phone shit! I unlocked it, I had 15 texts and 7 missed calls, 2 calls from Jess, oh shit! 2 from Lin, 1 from Axl and 3 from Harry. Uh, Harry! The messages were bad, the first one I saw was from Harry, well first 4, they were obviously from when he was drunk and he had the fight with Jess, things like: “im so sorrhfy” and “I dhdi badh” which I assume is “I did bad”, then from Jess, “I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU DID YOU BITCH AND YOU WON’T EVEN ANSWER YOUR PHONE YOU SLUT!” also messages from my other friends and brother just asking what happened and what I did and then Axl, a real sweet message “Pick you up at 3 xx <3” and then “We need to talk about something.” Oh fuck! 


*Author Notes* 


Hey Guys! I'd just like to thank who ever has actually bothered to read any of this, I know it's not that long at the moment but thanks anyway. I'm really sorry that it's I haven't written for ages but to be honest with you, I just forgot about it. I am doing my exams at the moment and i'm really behind on my coursework (I know, it's everyone's excuse). Unfortunately, I really won't have time to continue writing this for at least 3 months due to the build up of unnecessary events and lack of free time, so I challenge you, my fellow people, if you would like to, you can continue to add to this story. It's not a competition or anything, I just thought it would be fun to read what this story has molded into in other peoples brains. So if you so do wish to expand on my pathetic start to what I would call a 'novel', you may, just email the contents of your minds to me and I will add whichever one I like best and link you. I will EVENTUALLY finish the story, but it's a long time coming so I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. Thanks for reading, I hope you do decide to add to my story and share your expectations. 

This is my email for sending your versions to: authorO@hotmail.com 

You can send them here and anything else you would like to ask me about the story or just comments. 

Happy Writing!, 

Author O. 

(btw the name 'Author O' is not just some pretentious bullshit I made up to make me seem mysterious, its just a way of keeping my privacy so don't think that i'm some egotistical, big headed idiot who thinks that they have a right to force their writing upon people. Thanks!)

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