21 Days

What if you had the option to know how many days you have left to live? Would you take it?

How would you spend those days and how would you say goodbye when they're over? Would it make things easier for you and the people around you to assure you spend your final days actually living?

My name is Niall Horan and for my girlfriend Madison, knowing how long she had left wasn't an option.


1. Day 1


Day 1


Dear Madison,

Today was the day my world fell apart.

We both knew this day was coming, but we never ever wanted nor expected it to be this soon.

21 Days.

That's how many days the doctor said you have left.

21 Days?

I almost choked when he told us.

We all predicted at least four months, but instead we got three weeks.


I fell in love with you in less than three weeks, you know?

I knew I loved you after about six days. Crazy? I know. But I did.

We were laying on my bed, watching a movie. Your head was resting on my chest and my fingertips gently caressed your arm.

I just watched you.

I watched how you watched the movie. The way your whole face lit up when you laughed at something funny. The way the same strand of your hair continued to fall onto your face and how your hand quickly pushed it back, only for it fall again. I then gently tucked it behind your ear and it didn't move again.

I'm not sure at which exact point during that day I fell in love with you, but I did.

I'm not sure if it was when I held you in my arms as you cuddled close to me, I'm not sure if it was when you got mad at me for not washing my plate after we ate and I'm not even sure if it was when my heart began to quicken at the feeling of your touch as I kissed your lips, but I don't care.

I don't care because I fell in love with you, Madison. Head over heels in love with you and you know what? It doesn't matter when it happened. All that matters is that it did, and I wouldn't take a single second of it back.

As I sat here today with you in my arms, I got that feeling again. I get that feeling every time I see you, feel you and even just think about you.


Although this time you were sobbing into my chest instead of laughing or smiling, I still feel it.

I always will.

Your world fell apart today just as much as mine did, but I will do everything and anything that I can to make sure that your last 21 days will be your best days.

I promise you.

I'm going to go and put you to bed now. You've had a long day.

We all have.

We'll take this day by day and I'm to make sure that every single minute is filled with love and happiness.

I love you, Madison. Always.
Yours forever,


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