The boy behind the glasses ~Gosh (Union J)

George Shelley got new neighbours. One guy caught his eye, blue eyes, a quiff, black glasses, a bit of a badboy look, but a lovely character, or well, that's what George thinks...


24. || 24

George POV

I reach my house and get inside. I walk into the living room, looking out the window to see if Josh is home already. I mean, it's not I don't care about him anymore, even though I'm mad at him...

I don't see him and sigh. I walk to the kitchen to make some coffee. When i walk back, nothing has changed in the house on the other side of the road. I sit down to watch some tv. 

Every now and then i look out the window to see if Josh is home already. He still isn't. I'm actually starting to get scared now, what if he really stays there until I forgive him? Then he'll freeze to death!

Ugh, I need to stop making myself scared, I always do that. 

I lay down on the couch and close my eyes, trying to get some sleep. And soon enough I fall asleep. 

When I wake up again, there is a blanket wrapped around me and everything is dark. My mum probably did that. I sit up and yawn. I look at my phone and see that it's just past 1 AM. I look out the window to Josh his house. I really hope he came home in the time I slept. 

I decide to just call him. 

"Are you home?" I say, right when he picks up. 

"N-no, I m-m-meant it when I-I said I w-would stay he-ere" He stutters. 

"You seriously stayed there?!" I shout. He mutters something that sounds like a yes. I hang up and get up as fast as I can. I slip on my shoes and grab my coat. I slip it on while I'm already running out the door. I keep running as fast as I can. 

5 Minutes later I reach the place where I last saw Josh. And he really is still sitting there. 

"Josh! Get up, right now!" i shout at him. He looks up and I get closer to him. When I'm almost with him, I can see that he is completely white, he has blue lips. Oh god. 
I grab his arms and pull him up. I wrap my arms around him really tight, trying to heat him up a little bit. 

"Jeez, how can you be so stupid to stay here? You could've died if you sat there longer!" I say. He wraps his arms around me too and presses his head in my neck. 

"I'm so sorry, for everything. For this, for what I've done to you, please, can you forgive me?" He whispers. I know that he is crying. 

The only thing I do is hug him tighter, I don't say anything. 

I pull back and grab his extremely cold hands. 

"How can I know that you won't lie to me anymore? I can't trust you anymore, Josh" I quietly say. He slowly nods. 

"I know, but I'm going to make sure you can, I promise" He says, looking me in the eye. 

I slowly lean in and I press my lips against his. He kisses me back, it feels just like the first time we kissed. 

When we pull back, he looks at me, smiling slightly. 

"Does that mean you forgive me?" He asks. 

"I promised myself i wouldn't, but yes I do." I say, biting my lip. His smile grows and he pecks my lips. 

"Then will you be my boyfriend again?" Josh asks. 

", sorry" I say, trying to hold back my laughter. 

"What?" He says, his smile fading. 

"Just kidding, of course I do" I say and I kiss him again. 

"Ugh I hate you" He mutters.

"No you don't" I smile at him. 

"Come on, I want to go home, I'm so freaking cold!" he says. I laugh and nod. We start walking and I wrap my arms around his waist and start hugging his side while we walk. He wraps his arms around me too and kisses my head. 

"I missed you so much, even though it was just one day" He says, when we reach his house. "Are you staying over?" I nod and we walk in the house. "Oh, warmth, thank god" He says when we walk into the kitchen. He makes some tea for the both of us and after that we snuggle up under a few blankets. I put my head on his chest and only then I realize how tired I actually am. I look up at Josh, but he is sleeping already. I quietly laugh and pecks his lips. I lie my head down on his chest again and I fall asleep. 

**** Next Morning ****

"What is going on in here?" Someone says. I slowly open my eyes and see Kathryn looking at us. I sit up and look at Josh, who is just waking up. He looks up at his mum. 

"Hii" is all he says. He pulls me to him and kisses my cheek. 

"What happened to you two?" She says surprised. 

"George forgave me after I had sat in the snow for almost 5 hours" He says, like it is nothing. 

"And now the real story, please?" Kathryn says. 

"It is, he is just crazy" I say, laughing. Kathryn laughs too and walks to the kitchen. I look Josh in the eye and he starts kissing me. 

"Boys, breakfast is ready!" Kathryn shouts and we get up. We walk into the kitchen and Josh grabs my hand. He kisses my cheek and we sit down, but he still holds my hand. 

"Wow, you are touchy today" I tease. 

"I just missed you" he pouts. We laugh and we start eating. A few minutes later, Josh suddenly gets up and runs out of the kitchen. Kathryn and I look at each other and we just start eating again.

About a minute later he walks back into the room with Cadee in his arms. I smile at the sight of them and Josh sits down beside me. 

"And I missed my baby girl too" he says, kissing her head. "Can you hold her? Than I can make a bottle" Josh says. I nod and he gives her to me. Kathryn gets up and walks out the room. Josh comes back with the bottle. "Do you want to feed her?" He asks. I nod and grab the bottle. Cadee starts drinking it and Josh comes standing behind me and lies his chin on my shoulder. "I love you" He whispers. 

"I love you too" I say back. 

"It was actually about Cadee" He says, but I know he is smirking. 

"You prick" i say. He laughs and gives me a kiss. 

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