The boy behind the glasses ~Gosh (Union J)

George Shelley got new neighbours. One guy caught his eye, blue eyes, a quiff, black glasses, a bit of a badboy look, but a lovely character, or well, that's what George thinks...


20. || 20

George POV

 Josh and Kathryn are shopping for baby stuff now. Josh asked me to paint the babyroom, and that's what I'm doing right now, even though there is probably more paint on me then on the walls. 

I can hear the front door open, so they are probably back already. Someone walks up the stairs and a few seconds later Josh walks in to the room with a bag in his hands. 

"Hey, babe" He says and walks to me, kissing my cheek. "Wow, this looks amazing" he admires the room. 

"Thanks. What did you buy?" I ask, laying down the paintbrush. 

"A hell load of stuff, they're bringing it over tomorrow. I had seriously no idea you needed so much stuff" He sighs, smiling. I laugh and grab the brush again, to paint the last part of the wall. 

Josh wraps his arms around me from behind. 

"Thank you for doing this" He whispers in my ear and he presses a few kisses in my neck. I turn around and kiss him. 

"No problem" I smile and I press the paintbrush in his face. He gasps and walks back. He grabs another brush and puts in the paint can. He starts walking to me and I back off a little. He straddles me to the ground and starts painting me. We both erupt in laughter and he gets off of me. 

"Payback's a bitch" He grins. I slap his chest and he kisses me. 
He let's me go and I paint the wall again, while his phone starts ringing. He picks it up. 

"Hey dude, whatsup?.........Uhm, I actually don't have time......But...yeah, sorry.....uhm, yeah, i'll see ya soon, bye" I look around and see Josh standing looking at his phone. Suddenly he throws his phone to wall and rubs his face with his hands. "Shit" he mutters quietly. I slowly walk to him and grab his arm to turn him around. 

"Are you alright?" I quietly ask him. 

"Uhm...yeah, I just...You really need to go, sorry" He says, pain is his voice. 

"What? Why?" I ask him, putting the brush down. 

"Just go, please, I just want you to be save. I want you to stay out of what is going on now, I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you" he says, pleading. 

"What is going on, Josh?" I say, walking closer to him. "You said that nothing was going on, 2 days ago, and now something like this is happening. What is going on, I want to know it" I say, looking him in the eye. 

"I-i'm sorry, but, I-I can't...I can't tell you, just yet." He says. 

"Then I know enough" I say quietly. I look down and start walking towards the door of the room.

"No, george, please don't hate me because of it...please, I'm so sorry" He says, grabbing my hand pulling my back. 

"Then just tell me!" i look at him, but he just bites his lip. "Exactly, I'm out of here" i say and I run down the stairs. I run out the door to my own house and run up the stairs up the my room. Tears are stinging behind my eyes. I take my shirt off, which is pink now, because of the paint. I walk into the bathroom for a hot shower.
I strip down and get under it. As soon as the hot water touches my skin, hot tears are running over my cheeks. 

When I get out of the shower an hour later, I put on one of my comfy Onesies and grab my phone. I look at it and I got nothing. No calls, no texts. I sigh and walk downstairs. I put on the film Kick Ass and I grab some popcorn. I snuggle up to the pillows on the couch and start watching it. 

When I'm half through the film, the bell rings. I get up, hoping that it's Josh, but on the other hoping it isn't him. I open the door and see my mum standing there, with groceries. 

"George, I'm glad you're home, I forgot my keys" She says while walking in. She walks to the kitchen and I help her putting everything on the right place. "Are you okay?" She asks. I shrug and sit down, sighing. "Did you and Josh have fight?" 

"I don't even know, someone called him and then he said I needed to go, because something was going on and he wanted me to be save or something, but he didn't want to say what was going on...and, yeah..." I say, looking up at my mum. 

"Ow, that's pretty weird" She says. I slowly nod. "Do you want some hot chocolate?" She asks. I nod again and she makes it. 

She hands me the cup and I walk back to the living room. My mum follows me and we both sit down. 

"Where is Brooke actually?" I ask her. 

"At school, you dumbass" my mum laughs. 

"Can I pick her up later? I'm bored" I say and she nods. 

"But are you going like this?" She says, pointing at my onesie. I laugh. 
"No, I guess I'll change first." 


An hour later I'm waiting for Brooke at her school. I look at my twitter timeline, which is completely empty right now. But one tweet catches my eye. 

@Shane_dude: Huge fight at the corner of the pizza place, really need to see it :D

I just walked by there, but there wasn't anything wrong. There was just guy calling someone, nothing else. Well, I guess I'll just have to take another route back. 

The schoolbell rings and a minute later, Brooke comes running out. She looks around and sees me. She runs into my arms and I pick her up. 

"Hey, cupcake" I say. 

"Why isn't mummy picking me up?" She says. 

"Because I wanted to do it, don't like it?" I say and she shakes her head, smiling all inocently. "Well, thank you very much" I say. She laughs and kisses my cheek. 

I put her down and we start walking home. I look into the street where the fight was, but I can't see anything, so I just start walking into it. When we reach our street, I can see someone walking really slow, bend over and a hood over his head. I take Brooke her hand and start walking a bit faster so we can pass the person. 

I quickly look around when we passed the person to look who it was. And I just got a heart attack. 

"Josh, what the hell happened to you?!" He looks up at me, biting his lip. He has a black eye, a bleeding nose, a cracked lip and at the way he's walking, way more. "Tell me, what happened?" 

"I'm sorry" 

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