The boy behind the glasses ~Gosh (Union J)

George Shelley got new neighbours. One guy caught his eye, blue eyes, a quiff, black glasses, a bit of a badboy look, but a lovely character, or well, that's what George thinks...


14. || 14

George POV

Josh starts kissing my neck, but I try to push him away. 

"What do you mean by that?" I ask. He smirks. 

"You'll find out when the time comes" He winks. He tries to kiss me, but I push him away again. 

"I want to go home" I say and I start walking. Josh grabs my arm and pulls me back. 

"But we just got here, please stay, the night is still young!" he says, over dramatic. 

"No! I want to go home, you can stay if you want, but I'm leaving." i say and I pull my arm back and start walking towards the exit. I look around if Josh is following me or not. He is talking with a blonde girl, leaning against the wall. I walk out of the club, heading to the house. 

I open the front door and get in. I can hear talking in the living room, so I silently sneak up the stairs. I can hear the door of the living room open and close and as fast as possible, I walk up the stairs, but probably not fast enough. 

"George, are you two back already?" I hear someone ask. I look back and see my mum coming up the stairs. 

"Uhm, wasn't that fun..." I say and I turn around again to walk to my room. 

"Where is Josh?" She asks. 

"Uhm.....Well.....we..uhm..kind of had a.....sort of....fight.....and I wanted to go home, but he didn't and he was pissed drunk already and he stayed there....and yeah, that's it..." i sigh. 

"george, you can't leave him there alone, he doesn't even know where the house is and he is drunk! I thought you cared about him?" My mum says angrily. 

Now I think about it, it was pretty stupid to leave him there alone. I run past my mum back to the front door and walk onto the street. I run towards the club, where I left Josh. I walk in, looking around. 

I don't see him anywhere, so I start walking to the bar. No sign of him there either. I look around at the dancefloor and at the place he was talking to that girl. He isn't there either. 

I go outisde, so i can call him. I grab my phone and call him. When he picks up, I start talking right away. 

"Where are you?" I ask him. 

"Here" someone whispers in my other ear. I jump and turn around. 

"jeez, you scared me." I say. "Just come home....please?" 

"Sure, but why did you actually want to leave?'' He asks. I shrug, even though I do know why. He keeps secrets for me, but does tell me that there are secrets, how rude is that?

"Come on, I want to sleep." I say. Josh grabs my hand we walk back to the house. 

When we reach the house, we get in and the whole house is dark. We quietly walk up the stairs and go to our room. Josh closes the door and pulls me back by my arm. He presses me against the wall and kisses me hungrily. I kiss him back and he wraps his arms around my waist. My arms are wrapped around his neck and Josh starts walking back, without leaving my lips. A few seconds later, we fall down onto the bed. 

I fiddle with the hem of his shirt and seconds later it's on the floor, the same with mine. After that, Josh starts fiddling with my pants. A uncomfortable feeling spreads around my body. My lips leave Josh's lips and I push his hands away. 

'I-i'm not ready for this....sorry" I whisper, while getting up and walking to the window. I look at the stars and a pair of arms are wrapped around my waist. 

"It's okay, I can wait" he whispers and he kisses my cheek. 

"Can I ask you something?" I say, while turning around and looking into Josh his eyes. 

"Sure, what's wrong?" 

"At the club you said, I'm not the person you think I am. What did you mean by that?" He looks at me, kind of scared.

"Uhm, let's go to sleep, I'm really tired." He says quickly, while yawning. He pulls me by my arm to the bed and we get under the covers. I lay down as far as possible from Josh, with my back facing him. He wraps my arms around me from behind, but I slap them off. He probably gets the hint, because he doesn't do it again. 

****Next morning****

I wake up in bed, alone. I look around the room, but Josh isn't there. I get out of bed in just sweats and walk downstairs. I walk into the livingroom where isn't anybody. I go to the kitchen, where is standing an empty glass, but nothing else. I grab some milk and drink it, after that I go look at the bathroom. I knock the door, but no one is answering. I open the door and no one is in there. I sigh and look around the whole house, but Josh isn't anywhere near. 

Shit, he didn't leave, did he?!

I run to the bedroom and look around for Josh his stuff. Jeez, it's still there. I sigh happily and sit down on the bed. I can hear the front door open and I run down the stairs. There he is, standing in the hallway. 

"Jeez, I thought you left..." i say. He laughs a bit. 

"Why would I leave?" He says, while walking to me. 

"Because I acted....weird last night..." i say quietly. 

"You didn't. You had all the right to act like that, and I'm sorry. I need to tell, or actually show, you something later. That's also the reason I was gone..." He says, looking nervous. I nod and I wrap my arms around him to give him a hug. "Look, I brought you some starbucks" He smiles at me. 

"Thank you" i say, after that I kiss him. 

We walk into the living room and we lay down on the couch. I put the tv on and we watch a thing about Miley Cyrus or something. I drink my coffee and after that I snuggle up with Josh under a blanket. 

"I love you" i say.

"I love you too" He says and he kisses me. 

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