The boy behind the glasses ~Gosh (Union J)

George Shelley got new neighbours. One guy caught his eye, blue eyes, a quiff, black glasses, a bit of a badboy look, but a lovely character, or well, that's what George thinks...


12. || 12

George POV

****A few days later****

I open up my eyes and look around me. Josh is laying next to me in bed. I shake his shoulder to wake him up. 

"Josh? Wakey wakey, we have to leave" I whisper in his ear and I press a kiss on his cheek. He slowly opens his eyes and looks at me. 

"But it's so early" he whines.

"You're such a child, you know?" I tease him. 

"I know, but you love me because of it" He winks. I stick my tong out to him. "Who is the child now?" 

"You still are, but come on, we can't be late for our holiday!" I say, excited. He laughs and we get out of bed. We change into our clothes and grab our suitcases. We walk down the stairs and walk into the kitchen where my mum, dad and Brooke are sitting. 

"When are we leaving to the airport?" I ask, while we sit down at the kitchen table and grab some food. 

"30 Minutes" my mum says. My sister walks to me and climbs on my lap. 

"You tired?" I ask her and she nods. I look at the clock and see that it's only 6;30 AM. I sigh and eat my breakfast. 


20 Minutes later we put all of our stuff into the car. We all get in the car and my dad starts driving. 

I'm sitting in the middle, in between Josh and Brooke. Brooke is hanging to my side, sleeping, while I'm hanging to Josh's side. His arm is around me and his head is leaning against mine. Soon enough we arrive at the airport and I carry my sister inside, while my parents and Josh carry all the luggage. We check in and we have to wait for another hour. I lay my sister down on a chair and I look around. Josh plops down on a chair and wraps his arms around my waist. He pulls me on his lap and he kisses my neck. 

"I'm. So. Freaking. Tired" i say. 

"Then go to sleep, babe" Josh says. I look him in the eyes and peck his lips. I get comfy and close my eyes. Soon enough I doze off. 

"George, wake up, we have to board the plane." Someone whispers in my ear. I open my eyes and look at Josh. I nod and get up. Josh grabs my hand and we walk to the gate.

20 Minutes later we are sitting at our places and I'm getting ready to sleep again. I lean against Josh his shoulder. He wraps his arms around me and kisses my head. 

"Sleep tight......I-i love you" he says, the last part whispering. I sit back up and look at him. 

"Do you really love me?" I ask, blushing. He slowly nods, also blushing. "I love you too." I say without hesitating. He smiles at me and he starts kissing me. It sort of gets into a make-out session. 

"Stop, there are a lot of people around us." i smile sheepishly. He laughs and nods. The plane sets off and we are on our way to Ireland. 

When we get out of the plane, it's seriously freezing. It was this cold too in England, but without a coat it's still colder. Josh wraps an arm around my shoulders and I wrap my arm around his waist. We walk into the airport and walk towards our luggage. Of course our luggage came as the last ones. As soon as we have it, we walk to a cab that's waiting for us. We get in and 30 minutes later we reach the house we're staying in. 

"Oh my gosh, it's huge!" Josh says as we reach the front door.

"Wait until you see the rest" I laugh. We walk into the living room where a family members are sitting already. 

"George!" My cousin Jake screams. He's 7 and runs to me. 

"Hey little man." I smile at him, giving him a high five. 

"Who is that?" Jake asks, pointing at Josh. 

"That's Josh, my boyfriend." I say blushing, looking at Josh. "Josh, this is Jake." 

"Hii Jake" Josh smiles. 

"Are you two going to play football with me later?" Jake asks. 

"Sure, but we are going to unpack first, okay?" I say to him and he nods. "Come on, I'll show you our room." I say to Josh. We walk into the hallway with our suitcases and get up the stairs. I walk down the hallway to the room I'm always in when we get here. It's the last one and we reach the door. I open it and we walk into the room. I lay my suitcase on the bed and Josh does the same. 

"Wow, this house is amazing." Josh says and I nod. 

"I know, we are already coming here for 10 years, my uncle and aunt live here, but the house is actually way to big for the two of them." I say. 

We unpack all our stuff and get back downstairs. We walk back into the living room. The room is pretty crowded right now, all people catching up with each other. I walk into the kitchen with Josh, where it's a lot quieter. We sit down at the kitchen table. 

"Do you like it so far?" I ask him. Josh nods. 

"yeah, it's beautiful in here." He says. "Come here" I get up and walk to Josh. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me on his lap again. He starts kissing me passionately. 

"Guys, what did I say about PDA?" My mum says, walking into the kitchen. 

"You said we couldn't do it when there were children around, but there aren't any here right now, so nothings wrong." I smile at her sarcastically. My mum laughs bit and gets out again. 

The rest of the day is quite boring. We played football with Jake and some other kids and then ate diner with all of us. Right now we are back at our rooms. 

"Ugh, I'm so tired." i yawn. 

"me too, let's go to sleep." Josh says. We change into some sweats and get under the covers. I wrap my arms around Josh his waist and he does the same. 

"I love you" I whisper to his chest.

"I love you too, Georgey" He whispers back, kissing my head. 

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