The boy behind the glasses ~Gosh (Union J)

George Shelley got new neighbours. One guy caught his eye, blue eyes, a quiff, black glasses, a bit of a badboy look, but a lovely character, or well, that's what George thinks...


9. || 09

George POV

"You really like George don't you?" my mum asks. It stays quiet for a few seconds. 

"Yeah, I really do..." He says quietly. I instantly start smiling. 

"Just.....can you please promise me to take care of him? George had a relationship before, ended up in a disaster. He'll probably tell you everything when he's ready for it." 

"Yes, of course. I wouldn't ever do something that hurts him." Josh says. I can feel tears filling my eyes, when I think about it again. It was....terrible...

I walk back to the wall and slip down to the ground. I start hugging my knees and tears are spilling over my cheeks. My mum and Josh are talking about something, but I don't even care anymore. 

"Why don't you go upstairs, looking for him? Than I'll get ready for dinner" My mum says. I quickly dry the tears with the back of my hand and get up. The door opens and I look at Josh. He walks to me and puts his hand on my cheek. 

"Why are you crying?" He asks. I can feel the tears coming again. He wraps his arms around me and I cry into his shoulder. "What's wrong?" 

"I-I can't t-t-tell you, s-s-sorry. It s-still hurts too m-much..." I say to him. 
"It's okay." He pulls away from me and looks me in the eyes. He wipes away my tears again and gives me a kiss. "How about I take you out on a date tomorrow?" he smiles. 

"Really?" He nods. "Okay..." I say, blushing. I bite my lip and he hugs me again. 
"Guys, dinner's ready!" My mum shouts. I give him a kiss and we walk into the kitchen. 

"Oh my Gosh, George, have you been crying?" She asks. 

"Uhm, yeah, but I'm okay." i say, smiling at Josh. We sit down. "Ew, sprouts." I say, looking at my plate. 

"Don't act like a kid, George, just eat it."My mum says and I see Josh smiling at me. 

We eat everything. After that Josh and I sit down in the living room. 

"So, what do you want to do tomorrow, on our date?" Josh winks. I can feel myself blushing. 

"Uhm, I don't know. What do you want?" I say to him. He looks away, looking like he's thinking hard. 

"I guess I know, but it's going to be a surprise." He says. He wraps an arm around me. 

*****Next Day*****

I'm getting ready for my date. Josh didn't say anything to me, about what we're doing. I just can't find anything to wear!

After an hour, I decide to wear this (external link). I walk down the stairs as I hear the bell ring. I walk to it and op it. Josh is standing there. 
"Hey..." he says. He smiles at me shyly. 

"Hey" I say. I close the door and Josh grabs my hand. He leads me to a place. It's beautiful there....

I look at the place. Pillows and candles are everywhere. A white screen is in front of everything. 

"Wow" I breath out. 

"Do you like it?" Josh asks uncertain. 

"Are you crazy?! This is beautiful!" I say. He starts smiling and pecks my cheek. He grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers. He pulls me to the cushions. He sits down and pulls me down too. He puts his arms around me and I lay my head against his. The film starts and Josh grabs the bowl with popcorn. It's an old film, but it's really romantic. 

The park is completely empty. I had no idea that Josh was so romantic. 

I don't even realize that the film was finished already. 

"George, are you asleep?" Josh whispers in my ear. 

"Huh? Oh, uhm, no." I smile sheepishly. "Thank you, this was amazing" I say and I really mean it. He smiles at me. 

"But this isn't everything, come on" He gets up and intertwines our hands again. We walk a few meters, but then he stands still, walks up to me, turns me around and puts his hands in front of my eyes. 

"What are you doing?" I say, laughing. 

"It's a surprise" He whispers in my ear, which makes me shiver. He starts walking, just like me. 

A few minutes later we reach the place. Josh takes his hands away from my eyes. I look at the beautiful lake. A few meters further there is a small boat. Josh walks to it and signs that I have to come too. I walk to it and we push it into the water. We get in and Josh grabs the peddles. The boat slowly starts to move. 

Josh gets to the middle of the lake and puts the peddles away. 

"Uhm, I actually wanted to ask you something..." He says, looking down at his lap. I stay quiet.  "Uhm, well, I...uhm....I wanted to ask if you....will be my....uhm...ya know....boyfriend?" He says, his face as red as a tomato. I start laughing a little bit. 

"Of course I want to, but why were you so nervous? I mean, you probably already knew the answer, didn't you?" I look at him. He slowly shakes his head. He looks up at me and smiles. 

"But I'm so glad you said yes. Come here" He says, his arms reaching out. I get up and start walking to Josh. This boat is actually pretty big. The boat starts moving and it starts tilting. I can't keep my balance and fall into the water. I swim to the surface, coughing. I shake my head, so my hair isn't in front of my face anymore. I look up at Josh. 

"Are you okay?" he asks. I nod and he starts laughing. "Sorry, but that was hilarious." He laughs. 
"Can you just help me out? It's cold!" I laugh. He reaches his hand to mine and I grab it. I pull him into the water too and he starts splashing the water onto me. 

"That wasn't funny!" He says, while he's actually laughing. He is swimming to me and puts his arms around my waist. He looks me in the eyes. 

"I'm glad I have an excuse right now, so I can kiss you all the time" He winks. I start blushing and he kisses me. I kiss him back and we do that for a few minutes. I start shivering because of the cold water and Josh notices. 

"Come on, let's get home." Josh says. We get back into the boat and peddle to the side of the lake. We put the boat on the grass and Josh grabs my hand. We walk back to our street. 
"I'll see you tomorrow?" Josh asks. I nod and he pecks my lips. 

"But....uhm...Is it alright if we don't tell anyone about us? Well, except for family? I mean, it's not that I'm ashamed! But...I'm just not ready yet for coming out..." I say, the last part quietly. 

"Of course, that's okay. I'm not ready for it either..." he says. I smile at him and kiss him one more time. I walk into my house and close the door. I lean against it with my back and bite my lip. 


"George? Is that you?" My mum says. I walk into the living room, where my mum is. 
"Yeah, I'm here." I say, while sitting down at the couch. 

"JJ has been calling all night. Caterina is in labor." She says. My eyes widen. 

"Oh my god, really? I had no idea she was that far already" She nods. "Can you please drive me to the hospital?" I beg her. She nods and gets up. She grabs her keys and I run to the car. I have to be there in time!

10 Minutes later we reached the hospital. I run inside, while my mum drives back home. At the front desk I stop, panting. 

"I'm looking for Caterina Lopez and JJ Hamblett?" I say to her. The lady, with way to much red lipstick, looks at her computer. 

"Miss Lopez is now in room 304 on the second floor, but she's giving birth now, so you can't go in, until she is done" She says. I nod and run to the elevator. I impatiently tap my foot, waiting for the elevator. As soon as it arives, I get in. I press the button the the second floor and wait...again. When the doors open I get out. I run down the corridor, looking for room 304. As soon as I see it, I look through the small window. I can see them, still....busy. I sit down at the chair, which is standing there. I hear some screaming, probably from Caterina. 

About a minute later, I can hear a baby cry. I get up as fast as I can and look inside. The doctor is holding up a baby. I smile and JJ sees me. He says something to Caterina and kisses he forehead. He walks to the door and opens it. 

"It's a boy" he says, smiling like mad. 

"Congrats man!" I say, while hugging him. 

"You want to see him?" I nod. We get back in. 

"Congrats, Cat" I say, while kissing her cheek. The door opens again and JJ and Cat their parents barge in. 

"Sorry we're so late! The whole traffic was stuck!" JJ's mum says. The doctor walks back in with the baby and hands it to Cat. 

"His name is Princeton J Alexander Hamblett." She smiles proudly, looking at JJ and back at the baby. JJ kisses Cat and after that he kisses Princeton his head. 

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