The boy behind the glasses ~Gosh (Union J)

George Shelley got new neighbours. One guy caught his eye, blue eyes, a quiff, black glasses, a bit of a badboy look, but a lovely character, or well, that's what George thinks...


5. || 05

George POV

I lay my phone down on the table. Since Josh moved here, a lot of strange things happened. 
  1. He knew my name, while I never told him.
  2. He knew that I was still awake, even though that could be coincidence. 
  3. He knew I sang to Brooke last night. 

Is he like a...a spy or something? Or maybe I was right about the fact that he can read my mind. Normally I wouldn't think of such things, but now it seems like it's actually happening. 

I grab my phone again and press on Josh his name. I call him. The phone rings a few times before he picks up. 

"Hey George." He says. 

"How." Is the only thing I say.


"How do you know all that stuff about me and why are you lying to me about it. I never called you last night." 

He sighs. 

"I...." He stays quiet just like me. After 10 seconds I hear beeping. 
He hang up on me!

I get up and walk out the door. I don't care that I'm still wearing my pj's. I run accross the street to Josh his house. I ring the bell and wait for the door to open. 

After a few seconds the door opens. Callum is standing there. 

"Uhm, hey. Is Josh home?" I ask him. Callum looks at me like I have 2 heads. 

"But...didn't he stay at your house last night?" He says. I look at him and slowly shake my head. 

"No, I went to my house and he stayed here..." 

"Mum!" Callum shouts. Kathryn, that's what I could call her, walks into the hallway. 

"Callum, be quiet, Victoria is still asleep. But what's wrong?" 

"George says Josh didn't stay over at his house." callum says. Kathryn looks at me. 

"Really?" she asks me. I nod.

"Uhm, why don't you come in and we'll talk about it inside." She says. I walk into the house and close the door. We walk into the living room and sit down. 

"So Josh didn't stay at your house tonight?" I shake my head. "But he isn't here either. He said he stayed at yours. I thought you 2 left together?" I shake my head again. 

"Josh walked me to the door, let me out and got back in again. I went home all alone. But there are a few weird things, that's acutally why I came here, because, when I called him, he hang up on me." Kathryn nods as a sign to let me tell the story.

"Yesterday he came to us for sugar and when I let him out, he suddenly knew my name, but I never told him. Yesterday, well acutally around midnight, he texted me and he asked if I was still awake, I was. But then he said I had a good singing voice, but he never heard me sing. I asked how he knew that and he said that I accidentically called him and he heard me sing my little sister to sleep. But this morning I checked my callers-list and saw that my last call was yesterday afternoon, with my mum. So all that he said, wasn't true. But the real question is, how did he know all of that. So I called him and asked him that question. He only said "I..." and a few seconds after that he hung up." I tell her.

She looks at me carefully. 

"We...uhm...I don't want to make you scared, but I have to tell you something. Josh isn't always...the way he acts around you now. A few years before, the same happened. We moved to a place. Josh was 14 and we had really nice neighbours. There was a girl who was 14 too, Leigh-Anne. They were really good friends, but after a few months, she came with the excact same story as what you just told me. 3 Weeks later, her and her familie, were gone. No one heard of them again." She says. I look at her with big eyes. 

Suddenly we hear the front door open and a few seconds later, he walks into the livingroom. When he sees me, he is frozen on his place.

I watch Josh clench his jaw and after that a smile creeps on his face. But it's not the same smile as when I met him. It's a mean smile, his eyes are looking like he wanted to kill me. He slowly walks to me, while I'm backing off a bit. It's pretty scary how he looks right now. A few seconds later he standing in front of me. His hands reach out for me. His eyes are so dark that you can't even see the difference between the pupil and the iris. 

"George" I hear someone say. "George, wake up!" 

Josh grabs me and suddenly I fall to the ground. I open my eyes and I'm laying in my bedroom. Was it all a dream? I get up as fast as I can and grab my phone from the nightstand. I go to my callers-list. 

Last called: Josh  Yesterday 23;03

Oh my god, I did call Josh. You really have no idea how happy this makes me. 

"Uhm, george? Why are you smiling at your phone like that? And get out of bed, it's already 2 pm." Says my mum. When did she get in here? She walks out again and I lay my phone on my nightstand again. I get up and walk to the bathroom. I'm all sweaty and stickey because of that nightmare. I strip down and step under the cold shower. I shiver and turn it to hot. I clean myself up and get out. While drying myself and putting on some clothes, I can hear my buzz. I dry my hair with a towel and while walking to my nightstand. I pick up the phone and unlock it. 

Hey, do you wanna hang out with me and 2 friends? We're going to play laserquest x Josh

Yeah, sure. x George

Okay, just meet me at my house in 20 xJ

I run to the bathroom again and make sure my hair is looking perfect. When I walk down the stairs, 15 minutes have passed already. I quickly grab an apple and sit down at the kitchen table. When I finish my apple, I get up, grab my keys and phone, put on my shoes and coat and open the front door. I close it again and walk across the road again. When I want to knock on the door, it opens already. A guy who I've never seen before, opened it. 

"Hey, I'm Jaymi, a friend of Josh." He smiles. I smile back at him.

"I'm George." I reach out my hand and he takes it. After that we walk in. I walk into the living room, where Josh and another guy are sitting. 

"Hellooo, I'm Olly." The guy says. I tell him my name and he sits down again. Also Jaymi walked back in sat down on Olly his lap. Olly kisses his cheek. 

"Are they a couple?" I whisper to Josh. He nods and I smile at them. After a few minutes we all get into Jaymi his car and drive to the building. 

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