The boy behind the glasses ~Gosh (Union J)

George Shelley got new neighbours. One guy caught his eye, blue eyes, a quiff, black glasses, a bit of a badboy look, but a lovely character, or well, that's what George thinks...


2. || 02

George POV

I slowly open my eyes, but I don't hold them open for long. The light that comes into my room through the window, burns in my eyes. I sit up against the headboard. When did I actually fell asleep? 

I grab my phone to look at the time. 6 AM. Ugh, I don't want to wake up early. I step out of the bed and walk into my bathroom. I strip down and step into the shower. 

After 30 minutes I step out of it and dry myself with a towel. I walk into my bedroom with the towel around my waist. I grab some boxers, black jeans and a white v-neck. I blow-dry my hair and walk downstairs at 7 AM. I walk into the kitchen and see my mum standing there in her PJ's. 

"Goodmorning" she says to me. 

"g'morning." I mutter. "Can you please get Brooke out of bed? I overslept" my mums says. I nod and turn around and walk back upstairs. 

"Brookieee. Wakey wakey." I say to her. She slowly opens her eyes and looks at me. "You have to get up, you need to go to school soon." She closes her eyes again and groans. 

"I don't want to go to school, I feel sick." she says quietly. Now she tells me that, she looks kind of pale. I get up and open the curtains. I turn around and Brooke is gone. I can hear gagging noises in the bathroom and run into it. Brooke is sitting on the floor, looking like ghost. 

"You're staying home today." I say to her. I grab her and carry her downstairs. I put her on the couch with 2 warm blankets. 

"Mum, Brooke is sick." I say to her. She grabs a bottle of pills and walks to Brooke. 

"Can you please look after her today? I can't miss a day of work, George."

"Yeah sure, I have nothing to do, anyways. " she thanks me and walks upstairs to get ready. I grab some fruit for Brooke and me and walk back into the livingroom. 

"Do you want some?" I ask her, kneeling down in front of her. She lays there with closed eyes, breathing quietly. I put the fruit on the table and walk to the hallway. I grab a bucket and put next to the couch for Brooke. As on cue, she wakes up and grabs the bucket. Afterwards I clean up the bucket and give it to her again.

My mum comes running down the stairs.

"Call me if something is wrong, or when she is getting really sick okay?" she says, while looking for her keys. 

"Yeah mum, just go to work, everything will be okay." she quickly walks out the door to her car. 

I walk to the kitchen to make some breakfast for myself. I grab some toast and orange juice. I walk into the livingroom and sit down on the love seat and grab the remote. I put on JackAss. 

"Ouch.." I mutter to myself when something happens on the screen.

"George?" I hear a soft voice ask. I look at Brooke, who is sitting up now. "Can I have some water?" she asks. I nod and get it for her. 

"Here it is, Brookiee." I say. She grabs the water from my hands and I can hear the doorbell ring. I walk to the door and open it. Josh is standing there with a cup of sugar. 

"Here is the sugar..." he says. I chuckle and grab it. 

"Thanks-" I can hear a glass smash on the ground. I run to the livingroom and see Brooke, sitting on the couch crying. I run to her and put her on my lap. Josh walks behind me and picks up the glass of the ground. 

"You really don't have to do that..." I say to him. He looks at me, but ignores it and continues picking it up. "Brooke, what's wrong? What happened?" She keeps sobbing and doesn't say anything. 

Josh sits down next to me and rubs Brooke her back. After about 15 minutes, Brooke fell asleep. I slowly get up with Brooke in my arms and walk upstairs and lay her in her bed. I walk downstairs again and see Josh still sitting on the couch. 

"Uhm..Thank you" I say. 

"It's okay." he smiles at me. I feel my heart skip a beat. 

He gets up from the couch and walks to me. "Here's my number. Call me if you need help or something with Brooke, okay?" He gives me a small paper with his number on it. I nod and he walks to the door. I'm still standing just behind the couch, frozen. I've got Josh his f*cking number!!

I see the cup of sugar on the coffee table and I pick it up and walk to the kitchen. After that I walk back into the living room again and I eat the last piece of toast. 

I clean up the small bit of water from the floor and sit down on the couch. I yawn and lay down. Soon enough my eyes are closing and I'm falling asleep. 

When I wake up again I see Brooke standing next to me. I slowly sit back up. 

"Hey cupcake, how are you feeling?" I ask her while she sits down on my lap. She shrugs and tries to grab the remote. "Do you want to watch Spongebob?" she nods and I switch the channel to Nickelodeon. I grab my phone and I see the note of Josh with his number on it. I put his number in my phone. 

Should I text him? So he has my number too, of course....

I open a new text message.

Hey Josh, it's George 

No that's stupid. 

Hey, whatsup? x George

Should I delete the x? Maybe that's a bit to.......girly. I scroll down to delete it, but accidentically I press send. 

"Shit" I mutter under my breath. I look at the time and put away my phone. It's already 3pm. "Do you want something to eat?" I ask Brooke. 

She nods. "I want Orios" she smiles. I laugh a little and get up. Brooke sits down on the couch while I get up. I walk to the kitchen and hear my phone buzz. I grab it again and unlock it while I'm walking back to the kitchen. I grab two cups and make some tea. I see that Josh texted me back and my stomach is bursting with butterflies. 

I open the text:

Hey, not much, wbu? Is everything okay with Brooke? x J

"Why are you smiling at your phone like that?" asks Brooke who just walked into the kitchen. I look up to her and shrug. I put my phone away and pour the tea into the cups. I grab the box of Orios and walk back into the living room with Brooke skipping behind me. I put everything on the table and Brooke grabs the box of Orios. 

"Don't eat all of them, I want some too." I wink at her. She grabs a cookie and gives me one, after that she hugs the box. 

"The others are mine." She says. I start laughing and the phone starts ringing. 


"George, it's me, how is it going with Brooke?" says my mum. 

"She's okay now, she's already loving her cookies again." I laugh. I can just hear my mum smile through the phone.

"Well, okay, I'll be home around 7 and I'll just take some Chinese Take-away, aright?"

"Okay, bye mum" I hang up and sit down on the couch. 

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