My brothers bestfriend.

The story is about fourteen year old Annah. She has a brother Louis Tomilson and she is going to stay with them back in London for the summer. And Louis is very protective over her when the boys see her they think she's flawless. But what does Harry think about her? Does he think she's better then Kendall? Find out in 'My Brothers Besrfriend.'


1. Going to home!

Annahs Pov.

Today I finally get to go back to London! I haven't seen Lou since my last birthday. He's been really busy with that band One Direction of his. "ANNAH! THE PLANE LEAVES AT 8 ITS 7:35 RIGHT NOW!" My mom says "COMING!" I say when I get down stairs mom gives me a lecture about the plane ride. And all I heard was this and that and not to do this and do that and whatever else.

~~~At The Airport~~~

My mom starts to cry " Annah call me whenever you get there. I'll text Lou and tell him you've left.. I love you Annah." My mom says bawling "mom don't cry you'll only make me cry. Please stop.." I say "FLIGHT TO LONDON NOW BOARDING! LAST CALL TO LONDON." The announcer says "that's me I got to go mom." I say "I love you Annah don't forget." On the plane I got first class. Man it was the life. I got to sit by the cute guy and a fat guy. After listening to music I finally feel to sleep. It felt like it was only 30 minutes I got to sleep before the guy tapped me and said "Hey beautiful, it's time to go." I could help but to turn into a tomato. I got up and said thanks and got my luggage and searched until I saw Lou and ran to him and jumped on him and hugged him and said "Lou I have missed you so much Lou! This is gonna be the time of my life and I turn 15 in 3 days! I can't believe I get to spend it with you." I turned got down and saw a curly haired guy staring at me "Hum. Annah! I can't believe your here! It's gonna be awesome! But this is Harry my best mate. Harry this is my sister Annah ,Annah my best mate Harry." Louis said I smiled and said "hey." He just waved. "Well, Annah we better get going the guys are probably waiting in us." Louis said I nodded and walked behind Louis and in front if Harry. I felt like someone was staring at my bum so I decided to twist while walking to give them a show and I heard a faint word that sounded like "Damn." I just giggled and got in the front seat.

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