My brothers bestfriend.

The story is about fourteen year old Annah. She has a brother Louis Tomilson and she is going to stay with them back in London for the summer. And Louis is very protective over her when the boys see her they think she's flawless. But what does Harry think about her? Does he think she's better then Kendall? Find out in 'My Brothers Besrfriend.'


2. At Lou's House.!

"GUYS!" Lou said "In here!" Said some with a Irish accent "Lou can you show me where me going to be sleeping? Please I really need to clean myself up before I meet them." I said Lou looked at Harry and Harry nodded his head. "This way." Harry said him talking just gave me the chills he was so hot the way he walked the way his hair flowed what the fuck am I doing he's my brothers bestfriend "hum.. Your rooms right here." Harry said and I was put out of my thoughts I wonder if he has a girlfriend was my last thought. "Thanks? Uhmmm..." I hesitated "Harry." He finished and laughed "well, Harry do you have a girlfriend?" I asked

~~Harry's Pov~~

"Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked I don't know if I should tell her about Kendall because I want to break up with her and she's younger then me and Kendall is my age and I finally said "No." Without even thinking "Well?? You can sit in here while I change and maybe we can have some fun?" She giggled and strutted away about a minute later she came back in and was looking gorgeous I must have been staring because she said "Harry? I really wanna go to Big Ben we should go Big Ben. But, I have to warn you I'm terrified if heights." She said "don't worry I'll be right by your side baby doll. And plus your brother will be right there too." I said with a smile "But u have a question do you have a boyfriend?" I hesitated and she just laughed "well I have someone names William. He's on off but I we are getting somewhere I think." She replays walking downstairs I follow her

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