The not so interesting life of a girl. Or maybe it is.

Dakota was just an average girl. She lived in a little town with not a lot of people. Her parents were divorced and her father moved halfway around the world. She never thought she would meet a guy in her little town, but now she might have some hope. But will it really last? Lets face the truth, but the truth can be deceiving.


1. Dakota.

"Moooom, why do I have to go and visit him for spring break? He left us, why should I go running to visit him?"

Mom rolled her eyes. Well at least I imaged her rolling her eyes. She was too busy working on her computer to look up so I couldn't see her face. 

"Because he is your father sweetie, he loves you and wants to see you again. You haven't seen him in a year. It would be nice of you to go." she finally replied.

"But he is getting married. HE IS GETTING MARRIED MOM. I don't even know the woman. She has two daughters that could end up being like evil stepsisters. You know, like Cinderella?"

"Dakota. I don't think that's going to happen. He really wants you there, just please don't fuss. You will have to get on the plane yourself this time. I'm sorry sweetie." She finally looked up but I couldn't find any sympathy as I searched her face.

"Ugh, I don't want to go. Can't I say that i'm to sick to go?" I desperately said.

She looked up and gave me the look saying, shut up you're going and don't say another word or you are being sent to your room.

 I stood up and walked to my room myself. I didn't want to speak to her again. I got to my room, closed the door and picked up my phone. I called Aria, my best friend, she would understand my situation. I hope.

"Hey Aria!"

"Heyyy girlie, I was just about to call you! I am making plans for the spring break party this weekend, are you interested in coming?" she sounded so excited.

"Oh, about that. I am being forced to go to my dad's stupid wedding and I will be there the ENTIRE break."

"WHAT!? You're going to the UK!? Lucky! But I'm sad you cant come." Oh yeah, so sad. You have all your other friends to hang out with there. 

"It's not lucky. I don't want to go and meet that bitchy lady my dad is marrying. Plus her two daughters." 

"Oh, well sorry to hear that but i've got to go i will talk to you soon!" so much for talking to her. 



Ughh, now what am I going to do. I leave tomorrow. I should start packing. What a procrastinator I am. 


"RISE AND SHINE MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER!" Ugh, mom's wake up call. I really need to talk to her about that. Plus it's 7AM. Ew.

After laying in bed for about 10 minutes I decide to get up. I walk to the bathroom and wash my face. Grab my hair brush and brush through my long light brown straight hair while staring into my tired light blue eyes. I grab my mascara bottle and put a little on. Might as well look a bit representable. I grab a pair of leggings and a big sweatshirt and put them on. I head downstairs to get breakfast. 

"You have your dress right? For the wedding?" My mom asks right away.

"How could I forget?" I flash her a sarcastic smile.

After breakfast and packing everything into our tiny car it was time to head to the airport. 

"You know we could still head back to the house." 

"Dakota, I'm tired of hearing you whine about not wanting to go. I am sick and tired of it. Can you stop? I'm not letting you skip this. Not this time."

I turned toward the window and didn't talk the rest of the time. 

Once we arrived, I got out of the car and said a quick goodbye to my mom, not leaving on a good note. I grabbed my one bag for the trip, yes I travel light, and walked into the airport. This bag was even small enough to be my carry on. 

I looked at my phone and it said 9:35AM. SHIT. My flight was at 9:00AM. How did I miss it!? I ran up to the lady at the counter dealing with tickets. 

"I think I missed my flight. When is the next one?" I asked

"Oh hun, the next flight out to the UK isnt until 5PM." she replied with pity.

"Is there any room on that flight?" 

"Yes, there is, would you like me to move you to that flight?"

"yes, thank you so much!" 

I finally got all of it figured out and decided it would be a good idea to call my dad.

"Hey hun." my dad said with a confused tone

"Hey, I missed my flight and the next one isn't until 5pm."

"Oh, that isn't good. Did you get a ticket for the next flight? You're barely going to make the wedding!" 

"I know, I'm so sorry dad! I don't know what happened. I won't get there until 7am. And the wedding starts at 2pm.Sorry."

"It's okay. It really is. I will see you then. Call me if you need anything. Love you"


I look up and start to find the seating by where I board the plane. I will be here for awhile so I might as well find somewhere to sit.

As I approach all the seats, I find one in the corner so I continue to drag my bag and sit down in the empty seat. As I look around I see this guy glance over continuously. He is kinda cute. He has dark blonde hair, he seems like he could be tall, 6 feet maybe. I'm 5'8" so not much taller than me. He has dark blue eyes. Wow. I can't look over there though.

My stomach grumbles. Well I guess I didn't have enough breakfast. I don't want to have to carry my bag with me to get some food so maybe I will ask that lady over there to watch it.

"Excuse me, but do you mind watching my bag for a few minutes?" I kindly ask.

She gives me look and then speaks. "Maybe you shouldn't have such a big carry on bag. Watch it yourself." 

I was taken back. How could someone be so rude. "okay, sorry." 

Then I fell a presence behind me.

"I could watch it for you." British. That's a British male accent. 

I turn around and its the cute blonde. I kind of stand there and stare for a few seconds. 

"I could watch it for you, I have nothing else to do." He said again as if I didn't hear him.

"I think I can carry it around, it's not that big." I don't know if I should trust him.

"Are you going to go get breakfast?"

"yes, why?" Now i'm really wondering who he is, do I know him? No, how would I?

"I could carry if for you while walking with you to go get some food so you dont have to carry it." Wow, what a nice gesture. 

"Well, I guess, thanks." I give him a genuine smile while hesitantly handing him the bag.

He turns around and takes a few steps. He is going to take my bag a run!

"I'm kidding, i'm kidding. I would never do that." He says with a little chuckle. That was a close one."Where do you want to go get food?"

"Hm, I don't know. I'm kinda in the mood for cinnamon rolls."

"Me too." He says still smiling at me.

I could get used to this. 



Authors note: So how do you like it so far? If I get enough people to give me feedback and ideas I will continue it. At this moment I don't know how good it is so you will have to tell me. Thank you for reading it and give it a like or whatever you do on here haha:) So, enjoy the rest of your day/night where ever you are at!


This story is all my idea and do not copy it please. I spent a lot of time on it. 

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