Hi My name is Abby Green, i live in London England
I have a dream about One Direction that I get to meet them in person and it comes true. about

Read to find out more x


2. Abby's Sport's day part 1!!

*Abby's POV*

I arrived at school I got out of the car and started walking to the school , I saw everyone around the new boy called George Shelly , he was fit but I fancy Niall Horan from  One Direction. I went to my locker and got my gym bag out and got my 1 , 2 ,3 books for my period. I went to the changing and went to my space and I got changed into this > 

I went into the gym and when I came in all the boy's was staring at me and whistling and me, I went to the other side were my friends where and I jogged to them and the teacher came in and bowled the whistled then she shouted " RIGHT GUYS AND GIRLS TODAY YOU HAVE TO GET READY FOR SPORT'S DAY TOMORROW CAN I HAVE 15 LAPS AROUND THE GYM GO GO" .  I ran and I was ahead of everyone else but George took over me on the last lap. Me and George stopped to catch are breaths  and then we started to stretch.


After the first lesson I went back to the changing room.I got change into this > 

An hour later it was lunch time. I started walking to my locker , I put the pin in and it opened and put my gym bag into the locker. Then when I was about to leave to go outside  someone grabbed hold of my wrist , I turned around and saw George I said " What do the fuck do you want ? I'm going outside if you want to come with me " , He said " Sure I will come with you but just one thing will you go out with me on a date today I'll pick you up at 7 babe" , I said" Sure why not and ok , for your information next time don't call me babe or sexy neither princess that's Niall Horan's words.


We went outside , but when we did , he turned me over and kissed me passionate and I kissed back and I pushed him away , I thought about Niall Horan kissing me on the lips. 


A/N I hope you liked it , sorry if I don't update because I'm on holiday or Got school and very busy.

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