Harry and mia


1. meeting Harry

I went to the store and then I got two shirts I saw Harry in the vans store. I walked pass and then he ran out and said oh my god you're so beautiful and gorgeous can I have your number. I gave him my number.

Harry: I'll call you Tomorrow

Mia: ok

It's Thursday. So What do you want to talk about today. Ummmm.

Harry: do you want to go to a date.

Mia:I don't know

Harry: come on Mia

Mia: its because I don't know how to go to a date.

Harry: I could teach you


Harry: I will meet you in your house but I don't know we're do you live.meet me at the mall and I will give it to you.Mia were are you were i walk passed you.oh I just saw you.

Mia: but I can't see

Harry: the turn to the right

Harry! Here it is we're I live oh I live in that street

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